Blink Fitness Opens in NYC & Unexpected Inspiration From Man Running the Show

mbg Founder & Co-CEO By Jason Wachob
mbg Founder & Co-CEO

Jason Wachob is the Founder and Co-CEO of mindbodygreen and the author of Wellth.

Many of us go to yoga at our favorite instructor's class, or barre at our favorite barre-inspired method, and don't attend either of these classes if offered at the gym we belong to (if we even belong to one). So how about a gym sans the classes -- a gym that's just a gym? That's the concept behind Equinox's new fitness venture, Blink Fitness, which just opened in NoHo on the corner of 4th & Broadway.

Many New Yorkers may remember this location as the former home of Tower Records, and I think it's pretty cool that Blink pays homage to Tower by placing this sign above the water fountain. It's a nice touch that I hope doesn't go unnoticed.

Back to the gym.

The Blink NoHo location is 17,000 square/feet, and offers a $20/month membership fee (with no commitment). It has pretty much everything you'd want in terms of free weights, machines, ellipticals, and all the latest and greatest in gym equipment. They plan on opening four more locations within the boroughs in the next year. (The other current locations are in Yonkers and Paramus, NJ.)

I had a chance to chat with Dos Condon (pictured, left), the 59-year-old VP of Blink, who came up with the Blink concept while working for Equinox in California. I told him that I was a former college basketball playing gym rat, but now 100% a yoga dude, and he had to convince me and other yoga aficionados to join. Dos said, "With yoga you get a great mind/body practice, but if you come to Blink you can work on your strength and cardio, which will improve your yoga." OK, I might agree -- though I do feel I get a great physical practice with yoga. To be continued!

Chatting with Dos one-on-one was informative as well as motivational. I did not expect to have a press-tour of a new gym and become inspired by a man's professional journey. It turns out that Dos was a former Wisconsin track star who worked in the textile industry for years. At age 40 he decided to make a change and literally hit the reset button on his career. He completely started over, working for $6.50 an hour at a new gym on the Upper West Side called Equinox. Nineteen years later he's with the same company and he's leading the Blink rollout. Pretty cool, right? It's never to late to start over and succeed.

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