Anything That Makes You Feel Powerless Is a Weed

When negative thoughts are supercharged with energy, negative emotions take over your body, paralyze you, make you feel deflated and powerless. The good news is YOU gave those thoughts this power all by yourself. This means you can also go back and weed your mind of these negative thoughts and long held beliefs. The process is so simple and yet so difficult for so many people. All it takes is the process of self awareness.

There is no difference between you and everybody else. Success, happiness and inner peace are not eluding you. The people who are achieving greatness and making huge leaps towards success are those people who can overcome what arises out of their ego mind through self awareness. Self awareness is the process of planting the seeds in your mind that will produce the beautiful garden you want to see take form in your life.

Think of it like this: a negative thought is like a weed that grows without you planting it. It just arises up from the earth of your mind. If you ignore it, it grows and even multiplies, eventually cluttering your mind. This is when that negative thought has become a negative emotion. Now you feel this negative emotion, and it’s uncomfortable. Three things happen: you act out with a negative behavior such as projecting onto someone else, you project inward in the form of self destructive behavior such as addiction, or that negative emotion settles in your body as an ache or a pain.

What feels to you like a life in shambles or a life riddled with problems is really just a garden overgrown with weeds. Some weeds are more entrenched. Those weeds have have roots that are interconnected with other weeds. These are the belief systems from our childhood. Consider that you found a buried treasure. If you can get rid of the heavily entwined root systems, you are creating a healthy, rich soil for your new seeds to flourish. Gently pick up one weed such as, “I am poor” and you’ll find another connected weed, “My family was always poor” and then pull a little more and follow the root of that weed to the next weed, “My mother always criticized my ideas” and follow that thought to “My father never seemed to follow through on his business ideas” and follow the roots, tracing the whole root system until you’ve removed the belief system that you are identifying as being who YOU are. You are not any belief system. You are not your past. You are not a negative thought. You do not need to live out your weeds.

Does this seem like a lot of work? Yes! However, it’s way more work to live with anxiety and chronic worry because deep down in your soul, you know you’re capable of more...if only you could overcome them. You can. Weed. Make room for new seeds, the seeds of what you want in life, whatever you want! Plant: “I am living our my life’s purpose and being paid well for it.” Plant: “I am a creative genius.” Plant: “When weeds pop up, I will refuse to water them with my attention.”

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