Kraft Is Getting Rid Of The Artificial Coloring In Its Macaroni & Cheese

Written by Emi Boscamp

By the start of next year, the mac and cheese from your childhood may not give off that same mutant glow you so fondly remember.

Kraft will no longer create that bright orange hue with artificial preservatives and synthetic colors. It's going au naturel, using spices like paprika, annatto, and turmeric to simulate the color instead.

This move comes at a time when its consumer base has been gravitating toward organic brands, like Annie's, with simpler ingredients and, therefore, better nutrition. Plus, the company has been under pressure for some time by consumer advocacy groups to remove artificial dyes from its food, especially after the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics allowed Kraft to display its "Kids Eat Right" seal on its individually wrapped "pasteurized process cheese product" (aka "singles").

Kraft has promised to remove all artificial food dyes from its mac and cheese products by January 2016.

As for all the loyal Kraft fans out there feeling particularly nostalgic right now, the company insists that its mac and cheese will look and taste the same.

And as much as we hope Kraft can perfectly replicate the most iconic American comfort food with healthier ingredients, it's been 80 years since its invention. It's about time for a makeover.

(h/t AM NY)

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