If a Negative Thought Created It, Then a Wave of the Positive Affirmation Wand Can Heal It

If you live with anxiety or chronic worry, then you’ve probably wondered what life would be like if you could overcome this often paralyzing condition. Being stuck in anxiety is not a fun place to be and not a natural place to stay.

Deep down, you probably know this, and are seeking ways to heal and move on from living in anxiety. All throughout the day, you may think, “I wish I could do that but...” or “I can’t because...” or “If only....” An anxious thought quickly turns into a full fledged condition of anxiety. Since it all begins with a thought, then dismissing the anxious thought can heal you.

Here’s a visual picture of what it looks like to overcome anxiety using positive affirmation and visualization.

If you find it challenging to notice your thoughts all day long, notice your emotions. When you FEEL anxious, you know an anxious thought has gained power in you. Separate yourself from this emotion by thinking of the emotion as a silly cartoon character that has no power. Imagine yourself on train tracks. You are the train. This anxiety that is irritating you is a gangly little android waving at you to pay attention to him. If you stop and entertain him, you are slowing down, and giving him the opportunity to give you his baggage: a basket case or two or three. These are heavy and will slow you down. What’s your choice? Do you take the Anxiety Android’s baggage or do you keep on going. Wave him a good day! Call out, “I don’t have time! I have places to go! Dreams to accomplish! People waiting for me to accomplish them!” You dismiss him. You keep on going. He shrinks into a pin sized memory as you steam roll on through your day. This is what it means to overcome a negative emotion like anxiety. You are refusing to stop, refusing to engage in the conversation. You are saying quite literally, “I choose to stay calm. I refuse to allow anxiety to turn me into a basket case.”

When you feel anxiety, say, “I choose to feel calm,” or “I invoke the the feeling of calm.” Say it over and over and your inner Anxiety Android will shrink and quiet down. You will find that when you don’t even realize it, this positive affirmation is running through your subconscious mind putting a disarming spell on the negative assaults of your inner Anxiety Android. Remember that his job is solely to derail you throughout a day. “I choose to feel CALM” works magic not only to keep anxiety from derailing you in each day but also to undo what has been done in your life as a result of these negative emotions.

Do this for others. When someone else is anxious, see them derailed, having hot chocolate and a big old talk with their inner Anxiety Android and listening to everything he is telling them. Don’t join in on the conversation. See yourself on tracks, refusing to be derailed. Doing this allows you to dismiss their anxiety from making YOU anxious.

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