5 Questions To Ask Every Day For Clarity, Confidence & Kindness

Written by Hannah Braime

A well-timed question is the key to powerful transformation. If you’d like greater clarity, confidence and self-compassion in your life, here are five questions that will encourage you to change your perspective and cultivate self-trust. Whether you handpick the questions that resonate with you or work your way through them in sequence, they're most effective when you make time to sit down and journal through your answers.

1. What's working well in my life right now?

As humans, we’re natural problem-solvers. While this has its advantages, we often end up focusing on what we feel we should fix at the expense of recognizing the things that are working in our lives right now.

2. What's one thing that would have the biggest positive impact on my life if I STARTED doing it today?

Small, consistent changes are more likely to stick than one-off grand gestures. What one action would you like to take today?

3. What's one thing that would have the biggest positive impact on my life if I STOPPED doing it today?

We all have nagging habits and behaviors that we’d rather not indulge. The best way to tackle these with compassion (and without overwhelm) is to choose one action at a time and be as consistent as possible with changing that before moving onto the next.

4. What advice would my 70-year-old self give me about my life today?

This question encourages us to connect with our “inner mentor”: the wisest, most knowing version of ourselves. She shows us that even during challenging times or foggy issues, we have all the answers we need if we’re willing to dig deep and listen out for them.

5. If I were 5% kinder to myself today, what would I do differently?

No matter where what’s happening in our lives right now, we can think of ways to be 5% kinder to ourselves. Five percent is enough of a difference to impact how we feel, but not so big that it requires us to overhaul our lives. Over time, however, these 5% increments add up to significant, lasting change.

What questions do you ask yourself for clarity, confidence and kindness?

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