Why I Give People Colonics For A Living

I’m a colon hydrotherapist, and one of the questions I’m asked most frequently is, “Why do you do this?” I understand the question, of course. As a culture, we’re squeamish about “bathroom stuff,” and the idea that someone would purposefully subject themselves to helping others clear the constipation seems anathema to most people, even people who understand how colonics can support physical health.

Here’s what I try to explain to my clients: Colon hydrotherapy helped me heal. It didn’t just help me to heal my body, but also to heal my life. I know it can help others to do the same, and I became a colon hydrotherapist to share the gift.

I’m dedicated to helping others to transform their lives, and colonics are a powerful tool for personal transformation. I’ve seen them work for others just as they’ve worked for me.

Just a few short years ago, I was living in New York City, working in finance. I was beyond stressed out. I was sick, and part of that was being chronically constipated. I booked my first colonic primarily because I was in pain, and I desperately wanted relief.

When your basic digestive function is impaired, every system of your body is affected, including your skin, your hair, your brain and more. If your gut is in trouble, you’re in trouble from head to toe. For starters, even if your diet is squeaky green and clean, when your gut isn’t in prime working order you aren’t able to absorb the nutrients in your food properly. If you aren’t absorbing nutrients, your body can’t operate as it should, and it can’t do the repair work it needs to do. That, of course, makes the situation worse and slows things down even more.

Gut trouble will throw off your hormonal balance, too. For example, almost all of your body’s serotonin — the neurotransmitter that makes you feel happy — is created in your gut. Your brain is so intricately connected to your gut that it has a designated communication channel, known as the vagus nerve, so the two systems can constantly share information.

Bathing the colon in clean, warm water to clear out accumulated waste and toxins gives the body a chance to restore balance and to heal. Nutrient absorption can increase, and brain function also can improve. Further, the movement of the water through the colon can strengthen the muscles and improve elasticity, which means that natural elimination tends to get easier between sessions.

Ancient healing traditions like Chinese medicine and Ayurveda teach a common phrase, “the issues are in the tissues.” The expression recognizes the inalienable connection between what happens in our lives and what happens in our bodies. I was blessed to find a few colon hydrotherapists in New York City and the Bay Area who understood that what was happening in my body was a reflection of other patterns in my life. I was, literally, holding onto stuff I desperately needed to release.

Ridding myself of the waste that had accumulated in the tissues of my intestines made me more comfortable physically, of course. But it also helped me to let go and make other changes I needed to make: I ended a toxic relationship, left a job that I felt I outgrew, and moved across the country.

Today, in my work as both a coach and a colon hydrotherapist, I strive to be the same kind of mentor and healer that those colon hydrotherapists were to me. I’m passionate about helping my clients to transform their lives. And I know from personal experience that sometimes it helps to work from the bottom up.

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