7 Reasons Knowing Your Unique Purpose Will Change Your Life

Written by Ashley Cebulka

You wake up with that electric feeling surging through your body, and you just know it’s going to be a good day. Better than most, as a matter of fact.

You’re no longer bumbling along, trying to make sense of things that come your way. In hopes that the perfect job or relationship will land in your lap.

Instead, you know you’ve got this. You’re in charge of the road ahead, and it feels damn good. You’re clear about why you’re here and what you're going to do with this glorious life you’re living.

This is a result of being certain of your unique purpose in life.

Remembering this can change every aspect of your life. I say "remembering" because all of us know this from a very young age. After years of listening to others' opinions and learning fear, we often forget.

I’ve seen in it time and again in every client I’ve ever worked with.

Everyone’s experience is different in that moment of remembering. Sometimes it’s like fireworks and their whole life makes dramatic positive shifts quickly. Others times it’s a start to one of the most gorgeous paintings you’ve ever seen. It takes time. One stroke after another adds to the beauty, elegance and transformation that’s creating this masterpiece.

The truth is that the timeline doesn’t really matter all that much. It’s the content that’s so alluring.

One thing I know for sure: knowing your purpose helps you remember who you really are. In turn you stop doing anything — ESPECIALLY regarding your career — because you think you should do it.

Most people feel like they’ve given themselves a huge green light to be themselves. They have a greater understanding and appreciation of their unique gifts. They spend their days, time, energy and even money on what they value most.

As if that weren’t enough, here are a few more reasons why knowing your unique purpose will change everything in your life.

1. You'll create a career far greater than what you could have ever imagined.

It will be filled with depth, meaning and purpose. This is a result of knowing your passions are not an accident; they’re showing up as part of your guidance system. When you use them to work with and help others, it will be the best use of your time, energy and creativity.

2. You’ll stop playing small.

You’ve got important moves to make while you’re here. With this newfound clarity, you take meaningful action daily.

3. You become more authentic than ever before.

You've given yourself the green light to be unabashedly you, and there’s no turning back now, baby. All those personality traits you used to think were an accident or perhaps you were embarrassed of, you now realize have divine purpose.

It’s your responsibility to be true them. With this knowing you realize when you allow yourself to shine, you encourage others to do the same.

4. Feeling good becomes the name of the game.

You’ve played the game of should’s, guilt and resistance long enough. Now that you know who you are and why you’re here, you’re open and curious about what you want to create next. You know without question that you’re here to FEEL good.

So, every day you make that a priority. This affects all of your relationships, enhancing intimacy and connection. The bonus is that it creates a positive domino effect of emotions and experiences.

5. You listen to and appreciate others' opinions, but you don’t depend on them.

They have their own purpose that’s driving them on a daily basis. Their opinions come from their own life experiences, not yours. Now that you trust your intuition and know you're always being guided, you listen to yourself more and trust the process.

6. Self-care becomes a top priority.

You genuinely want to take care of yourself, so you can fully show up for each day, feeling like a million bucks and ready to roll.

7. You spend less time doubting and more time trusting.

You know you’re not here by accident. The more time you spend doing what makes you come alive, the more impact you'll have.

There's only one YOU on this planet and we need you. So please, embrace those passions of yours and do what makes you come alive!

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