5 Ways To Live According To Your True Purpose

There is a yearning that exists inside all of us — a hunger, a subtle gnawing awareness that there is something more. It is your wish to find your most authentic expression in the world: this is what I call your "soul signature"

Your soul signature is your spiritual DNA — it is who you are at your core, the most authentic part of you, and your singular contribution to the world. It is as individual as a fingerprint, and it permeates every aspect of your life. When you ignite your soul signature, you bring your unique set of gifts to bear on the world that only you can share.

People who are living their true expression seem to have an aura about them, an intriguing quality that draws you in and welcomes you. You can sense the deep authenticity of their being while having a conscious or unconscious recognition of your own vibrational resonance. The quality isn’t a mysterious or otherworldly. These individuals have simply embraced being exactly who they are and invite you to do the same.

When you’re embodying your soul signature, your life flows with more ease and grace. Opportunities pop up that you might have never imagined possible. However, this occurrence doesn’t seem unusual or unbelievable. Possibility feels natural and welcome because living in powerful connection with this sacred part of yourself increases your ability to believe from your soul in the limitless potential you were born to experience.

You’re already a perfect, divine being with full access to your most authentic life. Here are five important keys to embracing — and expressing — your one-of-a-kind soul signature.

1. Accept and honor your every emotion.

Let's face it: feeling negative emotions isn't necessarily pleasant.You may think by hiding your sorrow, denying your fear, or stifling your anger you've crafted a mighty shield between you and your pain. But unexpressed emotions only erode your authenticity from the inside out and make it more difficult to embody your soul signature.

By coming into alignment with your true self, you accept every emotion you have and lose the need to judge or block those feelings. Allowing your emotions to run through you — to be the energy in motion they are -- enables you to experience wholeness, oneness and pure love.

2. Let peace begin with you.

How can you feel at ease within when you're still trying to figure yourself out? Be patient with yourself. Give yourself time for stillness and calm to connect to you internal power source. Living from your soul helps you connect with your deepest truth and guide your decisions and actions with patience and love regardless of what is unfolding around you.

People who have unleashed the immense power inside them are at peace with themselves and the world. No matter your journey, feeling peace with yourself is the definition of success.

3. Shift your focus from egocentric to altruistic.

When life’s opportunities arise, our primary thought is often, "What's in it for me?" While it’s important to consider your time and commitments, it’s equally important to consider how your soul's true resonance can serve and elevate the most people. Those who are living their soul signature realize life is about something greater than them, and their primary objective is not just to uplift themselves, but everyone around them.

4. Realize the futility in fighting against yourself.

Most people are constantly at odds with who they are, but by coming into harmony with yourself, you become a vessel for something greater to flow through you. Creativity flourishes when your mind, body and spirit work together.

So rather than just focusing on one aspect of yourself and allowing it to dominate your experience, allow every facet to become part of the complete expression of your spirit to inform your life. All great art, music, performance and business originate from this alignment. When you embody this synergy, you not only love what you do, you love who you are.

5. Become an inspirational spark for everyone around you.

The more you know and accept yourself, the greater your ability to expand this magnificent potential for everyone on the planet. When you live your soul signature, exponential growth extends well beyond yourself, your family and your friends. Expressing your greatness inspires the greatness in others. When your vibrational energy goes mainstream, everyone on earth benefits.

In this very moment, you are calling into being your most magnificent expression. Everything that has happened in your life has served to bring you to this place. Don’t play small when your destiny is to live large. Now is the time to awaken your spiritual DNA, make your deepest wish reality, and illuminate the world with your unique soul signature.

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