How To Make Your Active Lifestyle More Eco-Friendly

It's time to celebrate our wonderful planet Earth and abundant Mother Nature for everything they provide! We all want to do our part to help green the planet, but sometimes we need gentle reminders. Here are a few mindful tips to practice this Earth Day, especially for those who are very active and spend a lot of time at the gym. Once your discover how easy these tips are, you'll find it's easy to incorporate them into your everyday life.

1. Ditch your car.

Consider walking or riding your bike today instead of mindlessly jumping in your car. Not only will you get a chance to enjoy fresh air and burn some calories, you'll also get an opportunity to recharge. Plus, the Earth will thank you! If biking isn't an option, consider public transportation or carpooling as an option.

2. Opt for a no-electricity workout.

When thinking about where you can cut back and reduce your carbon footprint, I'm guessing you've never taken your daily trip to the gym into account, but why not think about taking your workout outside today (weather permitting)? Replace your usual cardio machine workout with some good old fashion pavement pounding, or complete a yoga sequence in your yard at sunset. By doing these simple things, you'll use less energy than a cardio machine or studio lights suck up.

If these aren't an option, maybe think about forgoing the cardio deck TV and fans at the gym. What appliances can you do without while you workout? Can you suggest a candlelight yoga class? Are there stairs you can take instead of an elevator? These are all simple things that have the power to seriously add up over time.

3. Think about where your food comes from.

Now that it's time to refuel after your workout, why not buy produce from your farmers' market. Nothing is better than eating fresh fruit and veggies that are in season. When you stop to think about how much fuel and energy it takes to fly exotic fruits into your supermarket, you may think twice about what you've been stocking your fridge with.

If local vendors aren't an option, buying organic produce can make a big difference. Not only does organic food taste fresher, it also helps keep the environment safe from pesticides and toxins. Also, make sure to bring your own reusable bags to transport your haul, or at least recycle the markets' plastic bags.

4. Consider how much water you're using.

I love a long, leisurely shower as much as the next person, but what you might not realize is that gallons of water are flowing down the drain every time you bathe. Same goes for running a dishwasher or doing laundry for only a few items. So today, consider a quick, efficient shower. Only use one towel at the gym. Wait for a week's worth of dirty clothes before you do laundry.

5. Make your accessories sustainable.

Same goes for water bottles. Not only are you paying roughly 10,000 times what tap water costs, plastic water bottles aren't sustainable, and many even contain toxins. Did you know the US alone consumes enough bottled water every year to circle the earth 325 times? What about the fact that only 10% of all those plastic bottles are recycled? Do yourself — and the planet — a favor by investing in a reusable, glass or BPA-free container before you mindlessly buy another plastic water bottle.

Also, remember that almost all of your workout accessories and gear (yoga mats, sneakers, clothes, etc.) are recyclable or can be donated.

Please take a moment of pure gratitude this Earth Day for our wonderful planet and all the abundance we have each an every day. Namaste.

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