3 Reasons Why Weight-Loss Resolutions Don't Work

I'm all for feeling and looking great, and losing weight if that's part of it. But here's why I don't think weight-loss resolutions work.

1. If you're strictly in it for the weight-loss, it's too cold out to keep motivated -  Don't get me wrong. I'm all for weight-loss, especially if it's a serious health issue. A lot of weight-loss goals, however, are driven by vanity and not necessarily health. And when it comes to vanity, it's the beach that tends to inspire. You're going to be most successful shedding a few extra pounds when layers of clothing come off for your warm winter getaway or for when bikini season is around the corner.

2. Weight-loss resolutions could be making things worse -  Every January people are bombarded with endless weight-loss methods and quick fixes. One could make the argument that all this stuff is just making us fatter and that the weight-loss industry is in business of keeping us plump so they can sell us more "stuff." If obesity continues to rise every year, and studies like this one predict that 42% of Americans will be obese by 2050, then you could certainly say that our current methods for weight-loss, including resolutions, should all come into question. Just sayin'.

3. Weight-loss isn't the right word - I really don't like the word weight-loss. From a personal growth and spiritual perspective, the key to achieving anything is using language that's moving toward something, not away from something. This is the very same reason why we should be "pro peace" rather than "against war." Regardless, let's say you reach your weight-loss goal anyway, then what's next? Your goal was to drop a certain amount of weight and you accomplished that goal -- so where do you go from there?  Unless you're making a lifestyle change, you have nowhere to go but down, and then repeat the process.

I'm all for living and eating healthy and being in the best shape you can be in, but it's a healthy lifestyle change that produces lasting results, not the endless game of weight-loss, which is an infinite cycle of winning, losing, and starting all over again. When you commit to a healthy lifestyle -- eating right, exercising regularly, and thinking positively -- a healthy weight becomes the side effect.

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