Inspiring Video Shows Colorblind People Seeing Colors For The First Time

Colorblindness is often written off as a "whatever" type of condition: Whatever, he just can't tell the difference between navy blue and black, we think.

But, as a new video demonstrates, there may be more meaning attached to seeing color than we thought.

Valspar, a paint company, teamed up with EnChroma, a company that manufactures glasses that boosts color vision, to launch the #ColorForAll campaign, which aims to bring the glasses to colorblind people. So yes, it's a rather clever ad, but we think that its invention could have a profound impact on the lives of everyday people.

The video shows the reactions of various colorblind people as they interact with several brightly-colored art installations while wearing the glasses.

Chris, one of the subjects of the video says, "There's like this whole end of the spectrum that I just was completely not aware of. I'm like getting misty. This is … this is amazing," as he walks around the installation.

Another subject, Atlee, points at a swatch of pink paint on the wall, and says, "I've never been able to see this one. I just want to cry a little bit. I never realized like how much I was affected by the fact that I can't see the world like the way that other people see the world."

At the end of the video, all three subjects have a chance to really watch a sunset for their first time (wearing the glasses). One man named Andrew looks at a piece of art his son drew him, then looks out at the brilliant colors of the sky, and asks with an disbelieving smile, "So is that what you guys see every day?"

So watch the video below, and you'll likely realize you've been taking for granted the ability to see the entire color spectrum.

(h/t The Huffington Post)

Screengrab via Valspar Paint/YouTube

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