Detox & Energize With This Yoga-Inspired Workout

Exercise is crucial to help release toxins, move them out of your body and reenergize your system. This energy sculpt sequence is intense, but still gentle, to build energy and detoxify your system.

Energy Sculpt Sequence

You will need light 2–3 pound weights for this exercise. If you do not have weights, you can always use water bottles or perform the exercise without weights.

WARM-UP: Seated Breath + Twists

Come to a comfortable cross-legged position, sitting on your mat. Lengthen your spine to sit tall with the chest open. Inhale as you reach your arms out and overhead. Exhale as you reach them back down. Repeat this five times.

Inhale your arms back over head, but this time, as you exhale, twist to the right, bringing your left hand to your right knee and your right hand behind your spine. Inhale to reach your arms back up to the center and, as you exhale, twist to the left. The right hand comes across your knee and the left hand reaches behind you. Repeat this for five rounds.

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After your last exhale, come onto your hands and knees. Bring your knees six inches apart under your hips and bring your wrists directly under your shoulders. As you inhale, lift your chest and hips up while you release your belly. On your exhale, push your hand into the mat and pull your belly button into your spine as you round your back. Repeat five times.

Leg + Arm Balance

Come back to hands and knees. Find a neutral spine by pulling your belly button toward your spine. Reach your right leg straight back from the hip and your left arm forward. Pull the belly up and in a little more for support. Hold for five breaths and release. Switch sides and repeat.

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Plank + Downward-Facing Dog

From hands and knees, step your feet back and lift your knees to come in to plank pose (a.k.a. the top of a push-up). Squeeze your thighs, push through your heels, and engage the lower abdominals by pulling them up and in. Take an inhale. As you exhale press into your hands and push your hips up toward the ceiling into downward-facing dog. Inhale back to plank. Exhale to downward dog. Repeat this five times.

Walk Back with Squat

From downward-facing dog, walk your hands back to meet your feet. Squat down and lift your heels, Keep your knees together. Grab your weights and bring your hands down on either side of your feet. Slowly push into your heels and roll all the way up to standing.

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STANDING SERIES: Small Plie with Reach Up + Down

Bring your heels together with your toes turned open. Draw your navel toward your spine to help lengthen your lower back and support your spine. Turn your palms and weights to face up. Bend your knees and reach your arms to the height of your shoulders. Turn your palms to face down as your press your hands back to your sides and lengthen your legs. Repeat this twelve times.

Bicep Half Curls

Bend your knees and hold them bent. Keep your navel drawing toward your spine. Lift your arms to a ninety-degree angle with your palms facing up. Hug your elbows and upper arms into your sides. Keep your knees bent as you slowly bend your elbows, bringing the weights to your shoulders. Release back down to ninety degrees. Repeat twelve times. After the twelfth time, hold the arm bend for eight counts.

Slowly lift your heels until they just hover above the ground. You'll really want to firm up the core, pelvis, and inner thighs for this exercise. Keeping your arms at ninety-degree angles, lift your elbows out to the height of your shoulders. As you lift up, the palm will start to face in. Then hug your elbows back into your sides to lower. As you hug them back in, feel the sides of your torso squeezing to hug them back into place. Repeat twelve times and hold on the last round with the elbows lifted.

Turn your weights to face down by rotating your wrists slightly. Keep your heels lifted, your core engaged, and your spine long. Reach your arms forward, straightening the arms and bringing your weights together. Slowly pull back to start. Repeat twelve times. After the twelfth time, alternate your reach side to side, reaching to just the right, then just the left. You can add a little twist of your torso as you reach, but keep your hip and legs still.

Pull both elbows back and lower your heels. Slowly lengthen your arms out to the side and then bend your elbows again. Repeat this twelve times. And release your arms down.

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Wide Plie Arm Circles + Pulses

Step open to a wide plié stance, with your heels two to three feet apart and knees wider than your hips. Bend your knees until your thighs are almost parallel to the ground and your knees come over your ankles. Make sure to keep your belly button pulling in toward the spine, your lower back lengthened, and your heart lifted. Reach your weights behind you with your palms facing in toward your glutes. Push into your heels to straighten your legs and reach your arms out and up over head. Bend your knees as you press your arms back behind you. Repeat this for eight rounds. Hold at the bottom of the move.

Pulse your weights together for twelve counts. Turn your palms to face each other and pulse your weights back for twelve counts.

Squat V's With Pulse + Lift

Reach your arms back as high as you can and hinge at your hips as you lean forward to a flat back. You'll want to keep your heart reaching forward and up slightly and your core engaged for support. Slowly reach your arms forward and up as you lengthen your legs and stand tall. Bend your knees, hinge at your hips, and reach your arms back behind you again. Repeat eight times.

After the eighth time, hold the squat and bring the weights together at your chest in Namaste hands. Slightly lower your hips and pulse for twelve counts. After the last pulse, hold.

Push into your heels to straighten your legs. Lift your heart and reach your arms straight out. Push back down into your squat. Repeat this twelve times.

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Chair Pose With Shoulder/Tricep Bend + Extension

Step your feet together and sit into a squat. Keep your navel drawing up and in toward your spine for support and your collar bone broad to release tension in the neck and shoulders. Pulse here for twelve counts.

Slowly reach your arms straight up by your ears as you stand tall. Lower back into your squat and reach your arms behind you. Lift straight back up and lower again. Repeat twelve times total. On the last round, hold in the squat with your arms reaching back.

Lift your chest slightly and drop your hips a little lower. Keep your upper arms still and bend your elbows. Lengthen back out. Repeat twelve times.

Slowly squat all the way to the ground and release your weights. Come back to hands and knees on our mat.

FLOOR SERIES: Hands + Knees With Tricep Bend + Extension

On your hands and knees, grab onto your weight with your right hand. Bend your right elbow and hug your upper arm into your side. Extend your arm straight. Keep the upper arm still as you re-bend your elbow. Repeat twelve times and lower your weight.

Diagonal Reach, Leg Pulse + Arm Circles

Reach your arm straight ahead and lift your left leg off the ground. Draw your navel into your spine to support the lower back. Inhale as you reach our arm and leg out to the corners of your mat. Exhale as your reach back to the start. Repeat twelve times.

Slowly reach your arm straight out to the side, keep your leg lifted, and make tiny circles forward with the arm. Make eight circles and reverse your direction for another eight counts.

Bring your hand down to the ground and pulse your leg up and down for a count of twelve.

Side-to-Side Hip Lift

Keep both hands on the ground. Turn your left hip open and draw your knee in toward your elbow. Lengthen back out. Repeat eight times.

Repeat the previous three exercises on the other side.

Kneeling Arm Reach

Come to a kneeling position with your weights in your hands. Sweep your arms up to the height of your shoulders with your palms facing up. Slowly pull your arms back down, hugging your elbows back. Repeat this twelve times, keeping your elbows slightly bent and your core engaged throughout.

Lean Back With Alternate Arm Extension

Come to stand on your knees. If needed, roll up your mat under your knees for cushioning.

With the weights in your hands, reach your arms straight ahead at the height of your shoulders. Keep your core strong and lean back, hinging at your knees. As you lean back, open your left arm out to the side. Squeeze through your core to lift back up and bring your arm back forward. Repeat five times and switch arms. Release your weights and take a seat.

Boat Scoops

Sit with your knees bent and the soles of your feet on the ground. Bring your knees together. As you breathe in, reach your arms up and lengthen your spine. As you breathe out, pull your elbows into your sides and scoop your belly. Inhale to lift, exhale to scoop. Repeat twelve times. On your last round, hold the scoop.

Wave Watcher

Lower your elbows down to the ground next to your hips. Keep your core scooped and contracted. Make sure you don't sink into your shoulders here by lifting the chest slightly. Extend your right leg to hover an inch off the ground. Lift your right leg up and then lower. Pull your knee toward your chest and extend. Repeat eight times, lifting up, lowering, knee in, and back out. Switch sides and repeat.

Bridge With Leg Lifts

Roll down to the mat. Walk your heels in under your knees. Keep your knees and feet hips distance apart. Place your hands by your hips. Slowly scoop up your spine and lift your hips toward the ceiling into bridge pose. Hold your hips high and reach your right leg up toward the ceiling. Engage your core to help hold you steady. Keep your right leg long as you press it down toward the ground and back up. Repeat five times and switch sides. After your last round, roll all the way down to the ground and turn onto

your stomach.

Forearm Plank

Place your elbows under your shoulders with your arms parallel. Tuck your toes, lift your knees, and come off the ground into a forearm plank pose. Draw your belly button up and in as you slightly draw your bottom ribs toward your hip bones. Hold for five breaths and release down.

Sphinx Roll Up

Stay on your forearms with your heart lifted. Squeeze your legs together. Slowly draw your belly button into your spine, lift your pelvis off the mat, and lift your hip flexors and the tops of the thighs. Your knees will stay on the ground here. Hold for five counts and lower back down. Repeat five times.


Separate your legs out to the corners of your mat. With your forearms on the mat, lift your heart forward and up to stretch the front of your core. Hold for three breaths and lower down to the mat.

Downward-Facing Dog With Alternating Heels

Tuck your toes, push into your hands, and lift your hips up and back to downward-facing dog. Hold for three breaths. Slightly bend your left knee and press your right heel toward the ground to deepen the stretch up the back of your leg. Hold for two breaths and switch sides.

Wide Child's Pose

Bring your knees down to the edges of the mat with your big toes touching. Sit your hips onto your heels and fold forward onto the mat. Hold for five breaths.


Come to a kneeling position, with the knees together and the hips on the heels. Reach your right arm down to the ground and the left arm up toward the ceiling. Lean over to the right and let your left arm reach up and overhead as you lean. Hold for three breaths and switch sides.


Clasp your hands in front of you and press your palms away as you round your back. Hold for three breaths and release.


Clasp your hands behind you with the palms facing each other. Lift your arms away from you and let your shoulders roll back. Hold for three breaths and release.

Reach your right arm up toward the ceiling. Bend your elbow and reach your finger tips down between your shoulder blades. Press your elbow back further with your left hand. Hold for three breaths and switch sides.

Stretch your arms out to the sides and rotate them five times.

Forward Fold

Bring your legs forward and sit with a tall spine. If needed, you can sit on a blanket or pillow or roll up your mat to lengthen even more. Hinge from your hips and fold over your legs. Keep your spine long by reaching your chest toward your shins and your gaze toward your ankles. Your hands can reach for your toes or shins. Hold for five breaths.

Half Forward Fold + Reach Back

Lift out of your forward fold and bring your right leg over to the right edge of your mat. Turn over your leg and fold with a long spine, just as you did in the previous fold. Hold for three breaths. After the third breath, reach your left arm up and behind you. Push into your right foot, lift your hips, and stretch your right arm behind you. Hold for one breath and lower. Repeat both stretches on the opposite side.

Cobbler's Pose

Bring the soles of your feet together and clasp your hands around your feet. Lift your chest and start to lean forward. Hold for three breaths and release.

Seated Breaths

Come back to a cross-legged position and lengthen your spine. On an inhale reach your arms overhead. As you exhale, press them back down. Take another breath in as your reach up and exhale back down. On the last round, inhale and reach up, bringing your palms together. Exhale and bring your hands to your heart to finish your workout.

All photos courtesy of author.

Excerpted from Detox 101: A 21-Day Guide To Cleaning Your Body Through Juicing, Exercise, And Healthy Living from Skyhorse Publishing, February 2015

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