Holiday Tips from 4 Wellness Celebrities

There's a good chance you're experiencing some last-minute holiday stress and overindulging in lots of not-so-healthy treats. So how does one make it through the last two weeks of 2010 while still incorporating wellness into one's life? Here are four tips from wellness pros who also happen to be celebrities:

1. Miranda Kerr - Yoga, Meditation, and Affirmations!

We all know that yoga, meditation, and positive affirmations are great for our bodies and minds, but it's even better for the holidays, when our bodies might be tight from the cold weather and filled with not-so-good stuff, and our minds are filled with stress. Miranda Kerr is a big fan of all three practices, saying, "Yoga is so important to me. I've been doing it for a long time now and I've taken it to a fairly serious level... It's just so invigorating to massage all the internal organs and drain all the toxins out of your body... Through yoga, I became interested in meditation and positive affirmations. My favourite is: 'I am a vibrant being of love and light.' How beautiful is that?" In the midst of the merry mayhem, be sure to make time to hit the mat and use your thought tools. Your body probably needs it now more than ever.

2. Bob Harper, from The Biggest Loser - Eat more plants!

Do you think there's a shortage of delicious vegan or vegetarian holiday dishes? Think again! Bob says, "I think it is really simple because there are so many great dishes you can make for the holidays that are all plant-based. My friend Tal Ronnen has a great cook book called, The Conscious Cook that has plenty of dishes that you can take to any holiday dinner."

3. Melissa Etheridge -- Enjoy it and don't feel guilty!

When asked about her guilty indulgences, Melissa says, "I do not feel guilty about anything any more." Why is this so important? Many believe that once you feel guilty, your mind plays a trick on your body and you start to metabolize food differently. Rhonda Byrne (author of the The Secret ) in her latest book, The Powersays, "Whatever you believe about your body, your cells believe too. They don't question anything you think, feel, or believe. In fact, they hear every thought, feeling, and belief you have." So, indulge consciously and savor and enjoy every bite.

4. Gwyneth Paltrow - Consider a cleanse after the holidays!

Cleanses are a great way to rid yourself of all those holiday toxins that you might have accumulated over the past few weeks. So get one on the calendar so you won't feel guilty about that extra piece of pie that you'll be having right about now. Gwyneth on GOOP talks about one of favorite cleanses, Organic Avenue, saying she participated in the "5 day program. The result was pretty amazing and the juices and smoothies (esp. the coconut milk and the cacao smoothie) were so delicious that I imbibe them whenever I'm in NYC."

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