How Your Spirit Guides Can Help You Follow Your True Path

As a medium who communicates with spirit guides, I work with people every day who are dedicated to creating their ideal life.

Whether they want more joy and fulfillment in their relationships, career, or other areas of their life, the encouragement and insight from their spirit guides helps them to achieve their vision.

And while most of us probably yearn for more joy and fulfillment in our lives, we all have moments of doubt and fear that can make us wonder if achieving our dream is actually possible.

Here are three messages from your spirit guides to help you stay inspired and keep moving forward to the life of your dreams:

1. Fall in love with fear.

Making a bold change in your life can be exhilarating until fearful thoughts make you question, "Is this really a good idea? What if I fail? What will people think?"

But your spirit guides say that in terms of creating your ideal life, you've got to fall in love with fear.

Fear is your mind's way of telling you, "I am experiencing change." Change means progress. Instead of seeing fear as a sign to retreat, see it as an indication that you are making progress toward creating your ideal life.

When you catch yourself thinking a fearful thought, take a breath and remind yourself, "I am experiencing change." Congratulate yourself for your progress and keep moving forward.

2. Remember the true you.

Do you ever feel small? Do you feel like your dreams are too big to accomplish or that obstacles in your life are too difficult for you to overcome?

Your spirit guides want you to remember the true you. As a spiritual being, you are an unlimited powerhouse of creative energy. No obstacle or setback is too big for you to overcome.

Remember a time in your life when you felt on top of the world, full of confidence, joy and light? That is the true you. Start each day by reconnecting to that feeling and reminding yourself of your limitless potential for greatness and joy.

3. Focus on your ideal life.

Some of the greatest experiences in my life so far began with very little money in the bank and uncertainty about where I was going. When I was full of doubt, my spirit guides told me, "Focus on your ideal. Your current situation is the perfect launching pad for your success." By following that guidance, I was able to achieve things that seemed impossible given my circumstances.

Everything changes when you stop focusing on where you are and start focusing on where you want to be.

No dream is too big for you to accomplish. Instead of thinking about what is logical and practical, dig deep and ask yourself what you truly want. If you knew you would be successful and achieve your ideal, what would you do? What would you start focusing on today?

To stay inspired and energized while creating your ideal life, fall in love with your fear as a sign of progress, remember that you are an unlimited powerhouse of creative energy, and focus on your ideal regardless of your current circumstances.

Remembering these three messages from your spirit guides will help make your path easier to follow. Always remember that anything is possible.

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