A Simple Trick To Declutter, No Matter How Busy You Are

My client, Gloria, was not happy. She was eating right and exercising, but still exhausted all the time. On a hunch, I asked her to mentally walk through her house and tell me about each room.

"Well, the foyer is light and airy," she said. "Then you walk past that bookshelf with all my travel books, and then — ugh — you have to go through the office."

"What's wrong with the office?"

"The desk is piled with bills. My inbox is jammed full. And it's so gloomy — that hideous green wallpaper makes me think of mold. And mental hospitals."

Ding, ding, ding!

We'd found our culprit: Gloria's physical space was sucking her energy!

Our physical worlds and our inner worlds are fascinating mirrors of each other. Feng shui practitioners have known this for centuries, of course, but sometimes it can seem a little too neat and tidy. (Really? A yellow vase is going to bring me wealth?)

But as I've helped thousands of women clean up their homes, wallets, handbags and closets, I've seen first-hand that they also open up immense amounts of space, energy, and momentum for themselves.

As the physical clutter gets cleaned up, they get more strong, clear, and bad-ass. They laugh more and rest more. Their space supports and nourishes them.

The objects we see, touch, and spend time with have a huge impact on us. Just like you wouldn't wolf down junk food or slurp down toxins, it's important to pay attention to what you take in with all your senses.

Think of it this way: beautiful colors, images, smells, and sensations are soul vitamins.

I don't know about you, but I'm very connected to the world around me. A great pair of shoes helps me stride with more sass and confidence. A beautifully ticking file system makes me feel as fierce and lithe as Batman.

On the other hand, staring at a snarl of cords day after day can snag my momentum and send me into overwhelm. A pile of urgent but messy bills screams anxiety into my veins. A confining outfit pinches my creativity.

Our physical environment is a vivid metaphor for our inner lives. So here's the good news: you can shift the way you feel by cleaning up your space.

Try this right now: set a timer for just five minutes. (No cheating — really, just five!) For those five minutes, zoom through your space. Don't sort, don't organize, just sweep through like a glorious benevolent tornado. Dishes go back to the kitchen. Trash gets tossed. Papers get stacked neatly. Toys go back to rooms.

If you can stay light and playful, you'll be amazed at how much you can get done in just five minutes — and how much better it can make you feel. For an extra boost, put on a great song and boogie while you do it! (Are you at work or at a coffee shop? Try doing the same thing with your purse — give it a little clean-out.)

A beautiful home says, "Someone valuable lives here."

A clear open spot on your desk whispers, "Something new can be created here."

Beautiful flowers urge you to unfurl, live in grace, and walk in beauty.

It's not about having expensive things; it's about spaciousness, clarity, and breathing room. So take just five minutes, clear away the clutter, and give yourself a big energizing dose of beauty.

And if you really want to blitz your clutter once and for all this spring, click here for a free class.

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