The Only 3 Moves You Need For A Full-Body Workout

I don't know about you but I definitely don't always have enough time to get in a daily workout. So many of us often completely skip a sweat session when we know we can't fit in an hour, but did you know there are moves out there that can blast more calories and work more muscles at once than "full" workout? This fun workout is a great circuit for those days you're in a time crunch but still want to stay active. I'm a huge fan of high-intensity training and once you try this circuit, you will be too.

Here are three moves that my clients love because they're designed to target and tone multiple muscles, rev your metabolism and keep your core strong. You'll be building long and lean muscles while also getting some cardio. The best part? You can do the entire workout in 20 minutes!

Quick & Easy Full-Body Blast

Warm up with one minute of jumping jacks. Between each move, perform another round of jumping jacks for one minute to keep the heart rate up, maximize calorie burn and rev the metabolism. Perform the entire circuit of three moves plus jumping jacks 3-5 times for a complete workout.

1. Sumo Squat With Biceps Curl

Works legs, inner and outer thigh muscles, glutes, core and biceps.

Stand in sumo (or Plie) squat position with your feet turned out. Bend at your knees and drop your butt as low as you can. Hold this position as you perform biceps curls with 5-10 pounds weights. Perform continuously for one minute. For an easier move, don't drop so low into the squat. Jumping jacks for one minute.

2. Rear Fly With Double Punch

Works back muscles, tones arms, shoulders and legs.

Stand in a partial squat. Holding 5-10 pounds weights, bring your elbows into your sides and bend so your forearms are parallel to the ground. Engage your back muscles and flare your hands out to the sides twice. After doing this twice, pivot to the right and punch across your body with your left arm. Then pivot to the left and punch across your body with your right arm. Repeat for one minute. Jumping jacks for one minute.

3. Plank Rows To Triceps Kick Backs

Works arms, shoulders, triceps, core, obliques, legs, and back muscles.

Come into a plank with your feet slightly wider than hip-width, hands on 5-10 pound weights. Keep your body straight and engage your core. Lift your right arm up off the ground and row it backward so your elbow is at your hip, all without changing position. From here, keep your elbow neutral and extend your forearm back into a triceps extension so the weight finishes back near your butt. Reverse the whole movement to bring the right hand back down. Repeat on the left side. To modify, do this move from your knees. Jumping jacks for one minute.

Do this circuit 3-5 times and you'll not only feel energized and strong, but you will have torched calories and worked every muscle in your body. Then you can get back to enjoying your day and not feel bad for skipping your workout all together.

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