Madonna Does Airplane Yoga: Do You?

The UK's Guardian reports that after being stranded on the runway for hours, Madonna got her yoga on in the aisles of her Virgin flight. Can you blame her? I'm also a big fan of airplane yoga, especially on long flights when my 6'7" frame is crunched in coach. I always try to do at least a few Standing Forward Bends in the galley to keep my back loose.

After flying over 100,000 miles in 2008, my back literally derailed with two extruded discs. I'm a big believer of yoga for back pain, as yoga has done wonders for healing my lower back. (Thank you Tara Stiles and Michael Taylor!)

But airplane yoga (or airport yoga) goes beyond lower-back benefits. Wouldn't you agree that airports and airplanes are typically filled with tension? Whether it's being packed like sardines on a flight, being on a security line that doesn't seem to move, or dealing with customer service that doesn't really seem to care, I think a little yoga could go a long way in airports and airplanes. What do you think?

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