I Love My Body (But Still Want To Change It)

Written by Alexandra Franzen

I love my work and I want to change it.

One year from now, I would like to earn my current income while enjoying even more freedom and less time at my computer. I'm working on it.

I also love my relationship and I want to change it.

Two years from now, or sooner, I would like to live in the same zip code as my boyfriend. We don't care if we share an apartment, but we'd both like to be able to sleep in the same bed most nights. We're working on making this happen.

I love my body and I want to change it.

A few months from now, I can't wait to beat my current rowing record, be able to do a real pull up, and see more ab definition because ab definition is fun. I'm working on it.

Wanting to change, tweak, or upgrade a part of your life doesn't have to be motivated by hatred. We often assume that wanting to change something means that we have to "dislike" or even "hate" it ("I hate my thighs!" "My apartment sucks!"). But change can also be motivated by love.

In fact, if your desire to change is motivated by hate, I can tell you (from personal experience as a former expert self-hater): the change you want will be tough to create. Your new habits will not last for long. Your self-doubt will ultimately create hurdles for you, making it much harder to take your life in the direction you want it to go.

Hate can be powerful fuel for a sprint. But not for a marathon. For a marathon, you need a different source of fuel — one that is sustainable. In other words, to make profound changes, you need love. Love for yourself and everything you are capable of being and doing, right now, in this moment. Love for the future vision that you're working towards. Love for the process of change itself.

I love changing my work, business, relationships, lifestyle, breakfast, sleep habits, reading habits, music playlists, personal style, hair color, and body — all the time. Change is sexy. Change is exciting. Seeing the results from smart adjustments, wise investments, and hard work? Hot damn. Yes please. Bring on the change.

Change is also very human. We shed 50,000 skin cells every minute. Change is ever-present and constant. There's no escaping it. It's happening. Embrace it. Enhance it.

If there's something about your life that you want to change — something logistical, something emotional, something sexual, financial, spiritual or physical — guess what? That doesn't make you an ungrateful or hateful human. Desire for change just makes you ... human. A lovable and loving human.

Repeat after me:

I love my _______ and I want to change it.

So choose your vision. Select the change you want to make. Start marching. And keep marching. Love yourself, love the march, love the effort, love the rewards, love that moment where you realize, "That was fun, and now I'm ready for even more..."

Love it all, because the process never really ends. You can love every step in the never-ending process of change.

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