3 Signs Your Ideas About Money Are Holding You Back

Have you ever wondered why it seems so easy for some people to have money and really difficult for others?

Well, believe it or not, living with financial abundance (or any other marker of "success" really) has a lot to do with how you think about money. I like to think of this as "your money story": how do you think about money in your life? Are you constantly anxious about spending too much? Do you hoard your paychecks and fear the act of spending? Or do you spend with ease but practice mindfulness when it comes to big purchases? In short, your money story can be exactly what determines how easy or difficult it is for you to make and have money.

More specifically, your money story is a collection of thoughts and beliefs about money that cause you to make decisions and engage in behaviors that either attract or repel money. These money stories can be so deeply ingrained that you are completely unaware that they are causing you to struggle financially.

Here are three signs that your money story is causing you to struggle financially:

1. You think making money is inherently difficult.

Do you feel like you equate working super hard with the possibility of having money? Sure, hard work is important, but this is more of a limiting belief than one born out of motivation and ambition. In other words, do you feel like you have to give up your personal life and struggle in order to make money?

If so, you most likely learned that making money inherently involves jumping over near-impossible hurdles. By extension, you think that if you want to live with financial abundance, you necessarily have to work extra-hard.

I don't think that the notion of working hard itself is the problem. But this story could be keeping you stuck. Perhaps you fear the abstract idea of "hard work," so you retreat into your comfort zone automatically. And since you're constantly focusing on what "working hard to receive money" means as an idea (a story!), you may miss opportunities for abundance to come to you with ease. It's like focusing so hard on the raincloud that you miss the rainbow.

In fact, there are many examples of people who allow money to come into their life with ease. They do what they love, when they want to do it, and allow money to find them.

If you're open to investigating your money story about hard work, I invite you to consider that money could possibly come easily and effortlessly to you when you focus less on the work and more on what brings you joy. If you allow yourself to experiment with this idea, you might just see abundance in everything rather than only in hard work.

2. You think that "good luck" is essential for making money.

Have you ever found yourself thinking, If I were lucky enough to hit the lottery, then I'd be set.

If so, you may have a money story that involves relying too heavily on some idea of "good luck" or chance. You may think you have to be lucky or in the right place at the right time in order to feel financially secure.

At some point in your life, you may have learned that your environment or luck determines your financial circumstances. This money story could be keeping you stuck because you are not claiming your power to consciously create your own circumstances.

If you feel powerless with money and that your financial security is out of your hands, I invite you to examine the following limiting belief, and see if it resonates with you. If so, this may be your money story.

If I were in control of my financial security, I'm afraid …

  • ... of what people would say about me.
  • ... that my relationships would change.
  • ... that I would feel overwhelmed by responsibility.

Find the part of you that learned that it's dangerous or risky to step into your financial power. If you are willing, then teach that part of you a new truth: I'm a conscious co-creator of my financial experience when I step into my power.

3. You judge people with money.

Have you ever saw a rich and successful person and thought, They must have lied or cheated to make so much money?

If so, your judgment of others' abundance may be perpetuating a money story that is holding you back. At some point in your life, perhaps you learned a story that the amount of money a person has determines their character, personality, or qualities. If you have this money story, you most likely learned to judge people with money.

First things first: judgment doesn't feel good. So on a very basic level, you are holding yourself back emotionally from the get-go. Secondly, this judgment is a defense mechanism. You are likely trying to protect yourself from being at the receiving end of that judgment by keeping your bank account low enough to not be one of the "bad," greedy people.

If you want to shift this story, investigate your the thoughts, stories, and beliefs that fuel your judgments. Ask yourself if you want those ideas to be true for you anymore. If you choose to consider a new truth, it might feel "safer" for you to welcome more money without judgment.

For more support identifying and clearing money stories so that you can attract and experience more abundance, check out this free training on clearing abundance blocks.

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