These Elderly Couples Will Show You What True Love Is All About (Video)

Written by Emi Boscamp

We believe that every Friday should be Feel-Good Friday. So here's your much-deserved, end-of-the-week smile.

Most of us dream of having some sort of fairytale ending to our love story. Our Prince or Princess Charming comes and sweeps us off our feet, carrying us off into the sunset, where we'll live "happily ever after," even in old age.

Well, for the three elderly German couples featured in the video below, that's exactly what happened.

For a recent film called "Young Hearts," female filmmaking duo ACAPULCO sat down to talk about love with regular attendees of a Berlin dance hall for senior citizens.

The couples have been together for 3, 16 and 51 years — and they're still just as in love as when they'd first met. On the dance floor, they all look like they're on their honeymoons.

And since they're clearly experts on the topic, they offer us some sage love advice.

"The state of being in love is not a condition," says Kristin, 73, wife of Ralf, also 73. "It occurs every now and then."

Here's to making sure the butterflies still come back from time to time.

(h/t BuzzFeed)

Screengrab via ACAPULCO/Vimeo

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