Burger King Takes Soda Off Its Kids Menu

Written by Emi Boscamp

It's going to be a lot tougher for kids to "make it a combo" at Burger King. They can get the burger and the fries, but the soda is no longer included in its Kids Meals.

Following similar moves by McDonald's and Wendy's, Burger King has decided to take fountain drinks off its kids menu.

The chain will now highlight fat-free milk, apple juice, and low-fat chocolate milk as kids' drink options. But kids can still ask for soda, even though it's not listed on the menu.

The move is part of the company's effort "to offer our guests options that match lifestyle needs," Alex Macedo, president of Burger King North America, told USA TODAY.

BK is among the many major fast-food chains feeling the pressure to improve the quality of their food in response to growing demands by consumers — particularly millennials — who would rather pay for fresh ingredients and premium sourcing than save money on cheaper options held to questionable standards.

Advocates say keeping sugary drinks off the menu will not only promote children's health, as soda is the leading source of calories in children's diets, but also prevent fights between parents and children.

"Fewer kids (will become) conditioned to think that soda should be a part of every eating out occasion," said Margo Wootan of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, which has been trying to get fast food chains to stop advertising soda to children.

It seems unlikely that kids will just forget soda's existence because it's off the menu, but let's just hope, for now, that this move doesn't push them in the direction of the Sundae Shake instead.


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