7 Ways To Stop Blocked Creative Energy From Wrecking Your Life

All beings possess creative energy. When I say "creative energy," I'm not necessarily referring to your ability to paint a portrait or play the flute, though those are aspects of creativity.

Creative energy is our ability to find meaning and beauty in the good and bad of our precious life. It's our life force, or in yogic terms, prana. Interestingly, when our prana is blocked, that energy still appears, but in a way that is dark and destructive.

When we feel blocked off from creative energy in our life, the shadow side emerges — and that can wreck our ability to live presently. The shadow side of creativity looks like this: gossip, white lies, negative self-talk, failed relationship after failed relationship, and feeling stuck in your life. Does any of that sound familiar to you?

The good news is this: no matter where you are in your life's journey, you can access your creative energy. Here are 7 easy steps to get you into the flow of every bit of your beautiful creative self.

1. Pay attention with all your senses.

Today, take a few moments and notice your surroundings. Notice the color of your walls, the imagery you surround yourself with, the way the keyboard sounds as you click away at your work. Using your senses to pay attention to life invites an awareness of the endless resource that is creativity.

2. Move your body.

No matter what you do, the act of moving your body melts away what is keeping you stuck in the flow of your life. Walking, yoga, shaking it while you cook your dinner ... these are all gestures of saying yes and allow for creative energy to flow.

3. Create rituals.

A ritual could be as simple as crossing out the day in your calendar when it's done. Or you can create a series of rituals — like meditation, journaling, and prayer — which keep you centered every morning. The beautiful thing about rituals is that you make them yours to find purpose in your every day.

4. Forgive.

When you harbor a grudge or feel sour towards a person, it can tear away at your inner being. If you revisit the sad stuff that has happened to you, you're not alone. But you are a powerful being and you can start to heal yourself by forgiving the past. One simple way to do this is to say out loud "I forgive" and be present with the loving, forgiving creative energy within you.

5. Nourish yourself.

Eating clean, healthy proteins, vegetables, and grains are easier for your body to digest than processed foods. Proper nourishment allows for your brain to be ready for any creative task at hand. Try one day to eat foods that are minimally processed, preferably that you make with your own hands, and invite in the nourishment inherent in food.

6. Give gratitude.

You know that feeling of connection you have when you write a thank-you card to someone you love? That feeling is full of meaning, love, and purpose because you are pausing to reflect on the bountiful aspects of your life. Making your life a practice of gratitude will connect you to your greatest tool of creativity: yourself.

7. Seek the muse.

"The muse" has often been referred to as a force that causes inspiration. Well, that force usually only appears when you seek it in your life. Find books, places, spaces, and people that inspire you to think outside of the box and invoke your creative energy, today and always.

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