Russell Brand: Meditation Provides "Deeper State of Happiness" & Good for Driving?!

One of the great things about meditation is that there are many techniques and there's no one-size-fits-all approach. But meditation while driving?

We love Russell Brand. He's an avid yogi, meditator, and supporter of David Lynch's Warrior Wellness campaign, aimed to teach 10,000 veterans meditation to help them deal with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Russell's wife, Katy Perry, recently ordered him to take driving lessons, and when asked about how the lessons were going he told People magazine:

Good. I'm using meditation to make me a better driver. I'm flowing down the freeways. I think meditation is good for everybody.

On a more serious note, Russell talked about how meditation helped him overcome his vices, and experience a "deeper state of happiness", saying:

What it felt like to me was the dissolution of the idea of myself. Like, I felt separateness evaporated, this tremendous sense of oneness. I'm quite a neurotic thinker, quite an adrenalized person. But after meditation, I felt this beautiful serenity and selfless connection. My tendency towards selfishness, I felt that exposed as a superficial and pointless perspective to have.

Namaste to that!

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