A Simple Meditation To Declutter Your Mind For A Fresh Start

Written by Hillary Wright

The transformation of winter to spring represents so much in our lives. During this time, we strive to let go of what has seemingly bogged us down throughout the long hibernation season, moving forward with positivity and gratitude. We can think of "spring cleaning" not only to clear out the clutter in our home, but in our body and mind as well.

Meditation is a wonderful way to help cleanse the mind as we transition into the new season. To help you blossom just in time for spring, here is a simple meditation to help you declutter those winter cobwebs:

Spring Cleaning Meditation

Before you begin, you will need to ponder which mantras will resonate with you most.

Think of one thing that you would like to bring forth into your life in the new season. For example, if you would like to utilize your full potential, your mantra will sound like this, "I am inhaling living to my fullest potential."

Then, think of one thing you would like to let go of before transitioning to spring. For example, if you would like to let go of clutter, your mantra will sound like this, "I am exhaling clutter out of my life."

Once you have decided these, you are ready begin the meditation.

Find a comfortable seat, either on a chair or a cushion. Set a timer so that you don't have to think about how long you are sitting (and so you don't stop halfway through). You can use your iPhone, kitchen timer, anything will work. I would suggest at least 15-20 minutes.

Feeling rooted in your sit bones, grow tall and long from your spine and close your eyes. Observe the natural rhythm of your breath.

When you are ready to begin your meditation, link your inhale with what you would like to bring in, and your exhale with what you would like to let go.


"I am inhaling living to my fullest potential. I am exhaling clutter in my life."

Repeat these mantras with every inhale and exhale until your timer goes off. For best results, meditate daily and journal about the things that you are bringing in and letting go.

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