5 Clever Ways To Turn Old Containers Into An Indoor Garden

Written by Summer Rayne Oakes

You don't have to look past your kitchen to find clever ways to create whimsical indoor gardens. Here are five different ways I've upcycled containers to help satisfy my green thumb at home:

Olive Oil Canisters

If you like to get those big tins of olive oil, don't toss them in the recycling bin. Instead, upcycle them by cutting the tops off, wash them out thoroughly and use as planters. I found these beautiful ones at a vintage shop and planted some crotons in them, which matched the colors of the tin.

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Coffee Canisters

Wine is the typical gift guests bring to a dinner party, but since I'm not a wine drinker, my friend Tara asked what she should bring to my dinner party. I responded, "A potted plant." Much to my surprise, she came over with a beautiful spider plant in an old coffee canister.

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Sprouted Onions In Yogurt Containers

Sometimes your onions and heads of garlic remind you that you need to get back to cooking — but don't toss the sprouted ones! Instead, take mini yogurt containers to display the new shoots. They especially look good on a work desk, in the bathroom, or kitchen table — and no watering is necessary!

Microgreens In A Yogurt Glass

I recently received a gift of some beautiful basil microgreens, but had WAY more than I could possibly eat. So I took some washed yogurt containers and transplanted the microgreens to a prime spot in my kitchen windowsill.

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Plants In A Mason Jar

Almost two years ago my dad and I set out to make a Mason jar plant garden to create some "living art" on my kitchen wall. Here are those beauties still flourishing in their glass homes. All you need are some rocks, charcoal, soil, a wide-mouth jar and a plant to make one. If you want to hang it up on your wall, then you just need some old wood, hose clamps, a staple gun and something to affix the wood board to the wall with.

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