100 Women To Watch In Wellness

At MindBodyGreen, we're inspired every day by wellness warriors around the world, and we're lucky to have a front row seat to all the exciting innovations in our field.

We're fired up by pioneers like Anne Wojicki, whose company 23andme is making gene testing an affordable reality; health advocates like Devita Davison, who is working to make good food a reality for all Detroit residents; Heather White, Executive Director of Environmental Working Group, an organization that's got our backs when it comes to toxins in ordinary household products.

We love getting to feature Thorbjorg, one of Scandinavia's most famous health coaches, and we admire the mother/daughter duo of Margaret and Sheryl Paul, whose posts have helped millions of readers navigate tricky relationship issues.

To celebrate all the good we're seeing, we created this list of 100 women to watch. With so many incredible voices in the field, we tried to narrow it down to just 100 — no easy task, as this list could easily have been 300 women to watch. We hope this inspires you to go forth and change the world from wherever you are.

Photo courtesy of Liz Arch

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