Couple Married For 67 Years Dies Holding Hands

Get your tissues ready, 'cause it's about to get real Nicholas Sparks in here.

ABC reports that Floyd and Violet Hartwig, married for 67 years, passed away on February 11 in a very Notebook-like fashion, within hours of one another, hands still intertwined. There's something incredibly romantic — rather than morbid — about a couple that, after a lifetime spent together, literally cannot function without one another.

The two met in elementary school and, after Floyd returned home from the Navy, married in 1947.

Before their passing, their daughter Donna Scharton described their relationship to ABC: "They weren't fancy. They were just decent people that were always committed to each other, no matter the situation."

Violet suffered from dementia towards the end of her life, and even though her husband was also living with a host of illnesses, Scharton said that he only focused on how to make his wife better.

"He would tell the doctor, 'I'm okay I just want her fixed,'" Scharton said.

When Floyd was told he had only two weeks left to live due to kidney failure, his children put the couple in hospice together. There they remained together until the end of their lives.

"We put their hands together, and my dad died holding my mom's hand. Mom was not coherent, but we told her that dad had passed away and that he was waiting for her. She died five hours later."

Scharton says that she's sharing the story of her parents to allow others learn from the way that her parents lived their lives, ensuring that their legacy lives on.

"What I want people to get out of this story is my dad's commitment to serving his country and loving his family. What we felt was keeping them alive was the will to live, and that they didn't want to let go of each other."

Now excuse me while I go gather myself in the bathroom.

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