A Meditation To Strengthen The Connection To Your Authentic Purpose

Written by Jennifer Weinberg, M.D. MPH MBE
Jennifer Weinberg is a preventive and lifestyle medicine physician, author, corporate wellness specialist, blogger, and the founder of the Simple | Pure | Whole Wellness Method. She received her MD from the University of Pennsylvania, and holds a Master’s in Public Health from Johns Hopkins, along with a Master’s in Bioethics from the University of Pennsylvania.

It's no secret that we get caught up in constantly striving for more, overachieving, collecting material possessions, acquiring titles and keeping ourselves very busy. As we take on more and more, responsibilities can even start to feel burdensome. So we work faster and faster, doing more and more — yet feel like we are no closer to achieving our dreams than we were weeks or even years ago.

When we are disconnected from ourselves, our communities and our passions, daily life can seem overwhelming. Sometimes we get so caught up in all that doing that we cease to simply be.

This chronic stress takes a crucial toll on our health. Stress is a major contributor to many illnesses. Living a life of constant stimulation and striving for something outside of our true selves causes stress on mental, physical and spiritual levels. As the famous psychologist Abraham Maslow once said, "The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness."

The power we gain when we cultivate the ability to be present, is central to finding an oasis of calm amidst all the chaos.

Isn't it time for you to discover what makes you truly blissful, balanced and healthy?

Try this simple meditative practice to enhance your mindfulness and bring yourself more fully into the present moment.

A Meditation To Connect To Your Authentic Purpose

The simple act of slowing down, quieting the mind and going inward, can help you develop your ability to be present. In turn, this can strengthen your connection to your authentic purpose, giving you a clearer sense of passionate devotion.

This exercise is pretty simple, but as you incorporate the practice regularly, being present will become more and more natural.

Begin by taking a pause in your day (no matter how busy it may be) and bring awareness to what is happening in that moment.

Ask yourself:

  • What am I noticing in my body right now?
  • Am I holding tension in my neck or clenching my jaw?
  • Are my eyes heavy with exhaustion?
  • Do I feel fresh and alive?

Settle into what you notice and accept whatever comes up in that moment. Returning to your body and the awareness of the moment is a great way to bring your attention into the present and avoid overwhelm.

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