How To Make The Best Of A Bad Skin Day

Written by Brianne Grebil

I can read your mind right now: "Make my acne the most beautiful thing about me? You must be joking. My acne is the worst thing about me. How do I make it go away?!"

I get it. I understand the desire for clear, blemish-free skin. But healing your body's largest organ is about more than just slathering on some new, expensive cream or changing your skincare routine overnight. It's a process that involves eating well, moving more, managing stress and transitioning to natural products. So yes, it might take a while but please don't lose hope.

So while we wait for these healthy changes to improve our skin, why not decide to feel better right now? That's really what you want, right? Well, I want to show you a trick to help make that happen. I'm going to show you how to transform the way you see your skin. You don't need a magic wand, but the results could be magical. All you need to do is follow instructions.

Step 1: Notice when you feel bad about your skin.

This may seem obvious, but sometimes we get so bogged down by how we feel about our skin, about the "imperfections" we perceive (and assume others are fixating on), that we don't notice how much it truly affects us. We just live day to day with the general feeling that we don't like how we look, wishing we looked better.

It's a program that runs on autopilot in the background of our minds. "I hate the way my skin looks. I bet all they notice is my acne. I'd be prettier if my skin were better. I'd go out more if my acne was gone. I'd have more confidence if I didn't look so bad."

Catch yourself in these thoughts. Notice when your thoughts are crummy and when you're putting yourself down. Hold yourself accountable for negative self-talk.

Step 2: Interrupt yourself.

To change the pattern of negative thoughts and take them off autopilot, we need to take deliberate action ... take the wheel, if you will. So every single time you catch one of those negative thoughts pop up, tell yourself, "Stop, this isn't helping." Saying it out loud is even better.

You may need to say it a dozen — or a hundred — times a day and obviously it won't feel natural at first, but eventually your brain will get the message that you don't want to, nor do you deserve to, keep thinking like that.

Step 3: Do something kind.

This is where true transformation comes. It doesn't matter how big or small the gesture is — volunteer at a soup kitchen, help your mom with the dishes, build a fort with your kids, tell a friend how much you appreciate her, play with your pet — just do something nice. Not only do you give yourself to someone else, you also inadvertently make yourself feel better by acting in a way that directly benefits another.

It's important to remind yourself that you are a good person who has value, no matter the state of your skin. When you find yourself feeling bad about your acne (or anything, for that matter), take a minute to remember all the good you go and all the joy you bring to those around you. Realize that you are not measured on the state of the skin on your face, but on what you offer to the world, what's inside.

This three step process helps two-fold. First, it aids in breaking the cycle of staying stuck in those unhelpful, negative thoughts. Second, it reminds you that acne doesn't diminish your value as a human being.

For a lot of us, acne makes us feel "less than": less than attractive, less than professional, less than whole, less than valuable. But if you deliberately take action to bring genuine value into another's life, they aren't going to care one bit about your acne. You will realize you have value right now, despite your skin. There is nothing that will make you feel more valuable than bringing value into someone else's life.

The more you do this, the more it'll prove your acne doesn't matter as much as you think. And once you've changed how you feel about your skin and the problem in general, all those other healthy changes you've been making will be magnified. You'll truly glow.

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