Top 5 Foods For Balancing Acidity

Written by Lula Brown

When your body is acidic, it simply means that your pH is too low.

The definition is simple, but the results are a bit more complicated. When our bodies become too acidic, we're more likely to have skin flare ups like acne and rosacea, we hang on to excess weight, especially around the middle of our bodies, and we often feel anxious and fearful.

That's a very quick rundown of acidity's effect on the body from a holistic perspective. There are hundreds of symptoms linked to acidity, but today we're just going over the most common conditions, and learning how to efficiently balance them.

Food and lifestyle is very effective in ushering out excess acidity. Try the following five foods to strike a healthy balance:

1. Celery sticks

If you have acid reflux, a common symptom of acidity, nosh on celery and enjoy the feeling of balance that washes over you, not to mention a calm stomach.

2. Chamomile tea

Chamomile has fantastic stress-reducing and alkalizing properties. I highly recommend reducing coffee and increasing chamomile to balance your pH and feel better today.

3. Whole grains

Quinoa, brown rice and millet are very alkalizing for most people when chewed thoroughly, eaten slowly, and consumed in proper portions. Grains don't work at all for some people, but if they generally work for you, eat them when acidity symptoms pop up.

4. Carob

If you love chocolate but are noticing annoying symptoms that are all pointing to too much acidity, try carob instead. I actually used to prefer carob cakes for my birthday as a kid. It's delicious. It's very similar to chocolate in flavor and texture, but boasts medicinal properties such as antifungal and antibacterial, and balances pH.

5. Almonds

If your snacking habit is at an all time high, and your acidity is too, try switching from junk food to dry roasted almonds with a little bit of sea salt. This delicious snack balances pH and keeps you fuller longer.

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