5 Things Slim, Healthy People Do Differently

Written by Toffler Niemuth

We all know someone like this. That person who's perpetually thin and healthy, making it look effortless. And while you may chalk it up to genetics, there's actually more to it than DNA. Slim people actually have certain habits and traits you can use in your own life. Here's how they do it.

1. They don't drink their calories.

Drinks — particularly anything with added flavoring (fruit, vanilla, etc.) — are vessels for hidden calories and lots of sugar. A large mocha at your local coffeehouse can have as many as 500 calories in a single serving, depending on sweetener, flavoring and milk. Similarly, many bottled "health" drinks have an entire day's worth of sugar. And juices and smoothies can even more sugar and calories to your day, despite being made of "natural" products.

Slim people prefer to consume their calories as food, enjoying and savoring each bite. For drinks, they stick to water, sparkling water, herbal infusions or tea.

2. They sleep enough.

Research has shown that people who get 7-8 hours of quality sleep per night are less likely to be overweight, have less body fat and make better decisions around food. Lack of sleep inhibits sugar metabolism, reduces energy expenditure, alters hunger hormones and reduces stress coping ability.

Slim people know that sleep revitalizes them and helps them naturally make healthier choices throughout the day.

3. They move every day.

Whether it's walking, dancing, hiking or playing with their kids, slim people makes sure to move every single day. They bring movement into their lives by incorporating it into all aspects of their day: getting in a few squats while washing dishes, walking to work, taking movement breaks at the office, etc. They exercise because doing so makes them feel good and gives them energy, and they know their movement will pay off both mentally and physically.

4. They don't needlessly snack.

Just like with drinks, mindless snacking can add hundreds of unnecessary calories to your diet every day. When you're not hungry and you take up time with food anyway, the choices you make are often in the form of cookies, chips or other unhealthy options that lend themselves to overeating.

Slim people only snack when they're truly hungry, resulting in choices that will nourish them and in quantities that will only last until their next meal.

5. They love themselves.

Perhaps most importantly, slim people love themselves. They accept themselves for who they are, they respect and appreciate their body and they know how to manage their stress. They don't use food to cope with emotions or stress. They don't binge or diet because they eat intuitively and mindfully in an effort to honor their bodies.

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