Infobesity: 3 Tips to Avoid This New Health Crisis

Infobesity: the feeling of busting at the seams with tweets, status updates, texts, emails, and too much information!

The average adult spends 6-8 hours each day online. Just as there's another unhealthy junk food or 'energy drink' that hits the market, there's also a more portable gadget that helps us consume more information. Is this really any different than the obesity crisis?

Whether from distracted driving, or erosion of quality time with our children, or lacking a spare moment in the day to just relax, infobesity is equally as dangerous to our bodies and even more so to our spirits.

How can you avoid the dangers of infobesity in 2011?

1. Apple is the Nicotine: I’m half-joking. I love Apple. I have an iPhone. I want an iPad. I’d gawk upon seeing Steve Jobs. But here’s the problem. As the gadgets become more portable, is there any time or place in our lives where we’re actually not connected? I’m sure Apple and Google and Microsoft will keep releasing smaller and faster machines that make our lives more convenient. Just as the tobacco companies have shown reckless disregard for our health, don’t technology companies show a similar disregard for the sacred quality of life?  We use the cell phone as much if not more than some of our body parts.

So here's something to consider: before buying a new gadget, ask yourself it if might invade upon your quality time with other human beings? There has to be a point where we push back a little against technology.

2. Phone in the Dash: I struggle with infobesity as much as anyone. I’ll admit, when driving, I’ll sometimes sneak a peak at who just texted me, causing more than one almost-collision. We’ve all heard the bad news about distracted driving but in 2011 -- I’m gonna commit to putting my phone in the glove compartment when driving.

3. Coach, Please Call Timeout! It’s really helpful to have someone in your life who can hold you accountable for being present in the moment. Whether a friend, mentor, or actual coach, I believe we’re at a point where things are getting so ridiculous, it needs to be OK to tell someone to put away their phone in a meeting or family dinner.

Roger Waters said, “Will the technologies of communication and culture — and especially popular music, which is a vast and beloved enterprise — help us to understand one another better, or will they deceive us?" This is a great question, and a great resolution to consider as we round the corner into 2011. Are you dealing with infobesity? And more importantly, are you ready to reclaim your quality of life anytime soon?

If you’re looking to reclaim the present moment, and are fed up with being over-committed and overwhelmed, I’m launching a Livin' the Moment Coaching and Mentoring Program on January 11, 2011. Visit here for more info.

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