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The One Affirmation You Need To Manifest Your Dream Life

Jennie Lee
Written by Jennie Lee

Simplicity is often underrated and misunderstood. Just because something is simple does not mean it is easy, in fact, it's far from it.

When something is simple it is quite clear, focused and accomplishable. And when it comes to affirmations clear, focused and accomplishable are essential qualities to strive for.

In order to create just one affirmation that pinpoints the change or goal you are trying to manifest in your life, begin by exploring at least a few layers of intention and clarification.

For instance, if your goal is to magnetize more financial abundance, you first need to understand why you do not have it now. What are the underlying beliefs that have kept you in a state of limitation or lack? Are you seeking fulfillment from the right source? What do you need to claim in order to have what you desire?

Another example could be to bring a new relationship into your life. Define clearly the type of relationship you most need, even if it is not the obvious first desire. Although you may want committed intimacy, maybe what you need most at the moment is supportive friendship. Assess any limiting beliefs you hold about that type of relationship. Finally, decide what you need to clear out of your mind or heart to allow this is to manifest for you now.

It may be that you want both of these and more. If so, rather than crafting multiple affirmations, reflect upon the common element among them and what within you would need to shift in order to have what you desire.

After this bit of self-reflection, you can begin crafting a simple present tense affirmation.

Here are a few examples:

"I have full financial freedom."

"I have true friends who know and encourage the real me."

Since both of these hold the element of wanting support, one affirmation to encapsulate the baseline would be:

"I am supported by the limitless Universe in all that I need."

Stating affirmations in the present tense as though they were already a reality is essential. Anything stated in the future tense such as, "I will have" or "I am going to receive," puts that goal forever out of reach. Manifestation comes as we claim what is ours now. The Universe does not respond to begging.

You will also want to keep your affirmations as short as possible. We talk too much as it is, and when it comes to affirmations we need as few words as possible. Potent words. Soulful words. Words that we can repeat with as much force of our wills as we can generate to stream a current of power into the belief we are creating. That way the Universe has to take notice and respond ASAP.

Another essential component to effective affirmations is the elimination of all doubt. We must simply refuse to doubt. Doubt kills affirmations. Do not look for results and do not waver from your vision. Proceed with confidence and concentrate completely as you repeat your affirmation with intensity and frequency.

Remember to keep it simple for strength and repeat with fervor to create the habit of the idea in the subconscious mind. Eventually it will make its way to the conscious mind and then into the superconsciousness, where it can be made manifest in outer form. Watch out for sabotaging thoughts that linger in the subconscious. This is the playground of fear, worry and doubt. Keep a spotlight shining and eradicate them when they arise, replacing them immediately with an even firmer proclamation of your affirmation.

Lastly, to concentrate fully and intently, it is helpful to close the eyes and gently turn the internal gaze up to the point between the eyebrows, considered the intuitional center. No need to cross the eyes or strain, but this inner focal point helps anchor our concentration.

Keep your affirmation short, clear and to the point. Pour your effort into the intent belief in its truth now, and you will experience the simple power of just one affirmation.

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