How To Design A Peaceful, More Fulfilling Life

Do you ever find good things happening, but you're too frazzled to appreciate them?

A few weeks ago, I found myself in a tizzy. I was creating the stage for my dream life, but lots of pieces were not working: I had figured out a way to combine my loves of travel and mentoring women, meanwhile my health had deteriorated; I wrote a book and I'm thrilled about sharing it, and simultaneously my finances freak me out; I have an incredible man in my life, and at the same time we can't seem to find time to spend together.

In 2013, I quit a highly valued job in the legal field to create this magical life and here I was again creating the same off-putting energy. I sat at my desk surrounded by self-help books, vision boards, and planners without a sense of grounding.

I paused my frantic work to reflect on what I truly want: peace, progress, and prosperity. If I'm not business-building and living in a way that reflects my vision, what's the point?

If our everyday life occurs accidentally, it's unlikely that it's set up to be peaceful and fulfilling. So I've started being intentional with things that provide peace and fulfillment when days are good and a resilient layer for days when things aren't going so well. Here are some of the things I've been experimenting with:

Mindset Clarity

I've worked with hundreds of women to help them find peace and a fulfilling life, and if there's one thing I've learned it's that the more you avoid self-study, the more confusion and frustration will run the show. Clarity is perhaps the most important piece of this fulfillment puzzle.

This is where personal development comes in. Self-study doesn't have to mean crossed-legged, closed-eyed meditation. Personal development can mean playing golf, dancing, or taking a bath. Whatever helps you remember what it's like to feel alive is what you need to make time for.

Spatial Support

The easiest place to shape a fulfilling life is with your physical space. Design your surroundings so they inspire you. Perhaps this means you move to a beach in Bali or the mountains in South Africa, but it could also mean that you make your current living space nourishing.

Vision boards, flowers and coffee mugs reassuring you that you're enough are spatial support. Just be sure your space has an element of cozy, beauty and love built in. Let where you spend so much of your life infuse you with well-being and goodness.

Time Consciousness

On days that you think you don't have enough time or energy for the things or people that you love, plan an extra 15 minutes with them. When you let responsibilities get in the way of living, your "why" for obligations is diminished.

Remember, the only reason we pay bills and keep up with to-do lists is to fulfill our hopes, dreams and desires. If those things are lost, there's no point in the daily grind.

Energy Infusion

Two common sources of energy fuel: food and people. What you eat builds your cells, your cells build you and you build your fulfillment. Logic says that your food choices participate in this puzzle. Be deliberate with them.

Also, consider what people fuel your mental energy. Surround yourself with people who allow and encourage you to be the highest version of yourself. Feeding off others' energy and feeding the inspiring energy of the world will infuse your life with meaning. Peace and fulfillment becomes automatic.

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