23 Simple Pleasures You Can Be Grateful For, Even When You're Feeling Down

Written by Mark Zhang

When you're feeling rushed, overwhelmed or just down, take a few minutes to appreciate life's simple pleasures. Whether they make you sigh with contentment or smile, they remind you of the small things that make life worth living.

1. Finding a relaxing place to sit

If you're in a public space, look for a bench or steps and take a minute to indulge in some people watching. At home, take a breather in your favorite spot.

2. Laughing

Tell jokes with friends until you laugh so much your sides hurt. Laughing releases endorphins, making it a great way to boost your mood!

3. Spreading the love

Make someone else smile, whether it's a loved one or colleague. A compliment, special treat or hug can make both of you feel great.

4. Hitting the snooze button on a rainy day

If you wake up to the sound of rain hitting the window, enjoy your cozy bed for a few extra minutes. You'll feel safe, warm and happy before you start your day.

5. Taking a luxurious bath

Sinking into a hot bath at the end of a stressful day melts the tension out of your muscles.

6. Getting fresh bed linen

Fresh linen makes a bed feel brand new. Slide under the covers and enjoy the cool feel of the sheets and the smell of clean laundry.

7. Chatting with an old friend

Even if you only have time for a cup of tea, reconnect with an old friend to remember happy times.

8. Enjoying a treat

Forget your diet for five minutes and indulge in a treat without feeling guilty. Savor it and appreciate every flavor.

9. Appreciating nature

Flowers, birds, insects, leaves on plants or diverse colors are all around you, just waiting to amaze you.

10. Having a hot drink on a cold day

Tea, coffee, cocoa, or a latte — whatever you like. Wrap your hands around the mug and feel the warmth spreading through your fingers before taking that first sip.

11. Hugging

Hugging your child or partner, or sharing a quick cuddle with a friend leaves you feeling loved and comforted.

12. Listening to your favorite songs

Music not only cheers you up but also increases your productivity, so remember to load up your favorite songs before leaving for work.

13. Watching the sunrise or sunset

Watch the sun rise if you need energy on a challenging day or appreciate the beautiful colors of the sunset to unwind.

14. Taking a whiff

If you catch the smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls, cut grass or wet earth, stop to appreciate it. For a quick pick-me-up, buy yourself flowers or stop at the bakery on the way home.

15. Walking barefoot on sand or grass

Soft, spongy grass or warm sand gives an excellent foot massage. Take off your shoes and focus on the feel of your feet sinking away to reconnect with nature.

16. Watching the ocean

Watching waves break can be soothing and leave you awed at the power of nature.

17. Reading a good book

Set time aside to lose yourself in fiction. Revisit an old favorite or pick something on the best-seller list.

18. Watching an old movie

Relax with some popcorn and an old movie. Snuggle down on the couch and make a day of it to turn this simple pleasure into a guilty pleasure.

19. Singing in the shower

Enjoy the feel of water on your skin while you test the acoustics in your bathroom. Turn up the volume and have fun.

20. Hiking

A nature hike allows you to take in the view. Have lunch in the unspoiled surroundings and watch your kids or dogs frolic.

21. Changing your hairstyle

You don't have to do anything extreme, but a visit to a stylist is always a confidence booster. Who doesn't appreciate seeing their reflection in a window and knowing it's a good hair day?

22. Growing a plant

The feel of soil in your hands and the joy of seeing a plant germinate and grow will leave you smiling. You don't have to get into dungarees and start farming to appreciate this — starting a windowsill garden is quick and easy.

23. Feeling accomplished

Get some exercise, clean and organize your lounge or finish a task or project you've been meaning to complete to get that sense of satisfaction.

Do you have anything you're grateful in life? Share in the comment section below and let us know!

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