Check Out This Woman Doing Yoga On London's Millennium Bridge

You may not realize it, but you can actually practice asana just about anywhere if you just concentrate on your breath and make it your own personal moving meditation. Any clothes you can move in is perfect, just take off your shoes, connect to the earth and away you go!

You can even bring your yoga to work, asking for a room to convert into a space for a few moments of silent meditation and stretching. Or if you're in public, stuck at the airport, or feeling the stress of an upcoming event, why not stop for a bit of yoga?

Wherever you may be, making time for yourself and acknowledging that a studio isn't the only place for yoga, will help you realize that your practice is a free gift you can give to yourself, any time you want.

Forget about any expectations of what yoga is and do whatever makes you feel happy — whether it's breathing, laughing, meditating, stretching or dancing around your mat.

But you don't always need a mat to do yoga! You could use a carpet, a grassy patch, a swath of beach, a towel or even a scarf. In this case, however, I toted my mat to a busy bridge in London.

Here is a short time-lapse video of myself doing some yoga and meditation on the Millennium Bridge in London to help inspire you. I hope you enjoy it!

Video courtesy of the author

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