#LikeAGirl Super Bowl Commercial Has A Powerful Message For Girls

This year's Super Bowl commercials weren't as heavy-handed on the humor as they've been in the past. Instead, they were just heavy, in a deeply moving type of way. If you looked around at your friends during the commercial breaks, you probably noticed that they were moved to tears — but not from laughter.

Atop the list of heartstring-tuggers was Always' #LikeAGirl commercial. Though it had originally aired this summer, its reappearance this Sunday exposed it to a much larger audience — and therefore opening the tear floodgates. With this ad, the Procter & Gamble brand seeks to take back the phrase "like a girl" and redefine it with a positive spin.

In the 60-second spot, men, women, and boys are asked to "run like a girl," "fight like a girl," and "throw like a girl." The result is alarming, as the participants flail their arms about awkwardly, with air-headed looks on their faces, as they run, fight, and throw — clearly demonstrating improper form. Then, a group of young girls is asked the same question, and they're shown performing the actions not only properly but also powerfully. You can see the determination in their eyes.

The ad was especially effective because it sat smack in the middle of a day known for glorifying masculine athleticism. P&G is encouraging viewers to also consider female strength. And because it didn't once mention Always' products, the ad was actually more like a PSA for feminism.

"What does it mean to you when I say run like a girl?" an off-camera voice asks one of the young girls.

"It means run fast as you can," she responds, resolutely.

You can watch the commercial below:

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Screengrab via Always / YouTube

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