How Tom Brady Stays At The Top Of His Game As He Gets Older

Tom Brady's three [UPDATE: four] Super Bowl rings didn't win themselves.

The all-star quarterback sticks to an extremely rigid health regimen. It's so strict, in fact, that his biggest "treat" is avocado ice cream.

At age 37, most football players have retired. But since football is his biggest passion, he intends on doing everything he can do to keep his body in playing shape.

According to Business Insider, he goes to sleep at 8:30 p.m., avoids alcohol, and follows a year-round diet.

Brady told Sports Illustrated that he eats different foods in the summer than he does in the winter to "to maintain balance and harmony through [his] metabolic system."

SI goes on to detail exactly what this strategy entails:

It's seasonal, which means he eats certain things in the winter that are considered "hot property" foods, like red meat. In the summer, when it's time for "cold property" foods, his diet is mostly raw. He subscribes to the 80-20 theory — but it's not 80 percent healthy food, 20 percent unhealthy. It's 80 percent alkaline, 20 percent acidic.

So what's usually on the quarterback's menu? The New York Times reports:

After his vacation workouts, Brady joined his family for a late breakfast that — for him — consisted mainly of a protein shake that was also high in electrolytes and included greens like kale and collards. (Brady also likes to add blueberries to his concoctions, but some other berries are off limits because they are thought to promote inflammation.)

His biggest wellness champion is his best friend Alex Guerrero, a trainer with whom he also owns a fitness company. The Times' reporter Mark Leibovich cheekily asked Guerrero if Brady was ever allowed to eat a cheeseburger. His answer? "Yes, we have treats ... Usually raw desserts, like raw macaroons" and ice cream made from avocado.

We're going to assume that's a no to cheeseburgers.

Today, Brady says he is faster and stronger than on the day he was drafted. "I'm more durable, too," he told SI. But given where I started, I wouldn't say that like it's some great accomplishment."

Well, we'll see on Sunday if all his hard work has paid off. A third ring wouldn't be a bad way, after 15 years in the league, to prove that he's only gotten better with age.

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