How Highly Sensitive People Can Learn To Empower Themselves

How Highly Sensitive People Can Learn To Empower Themselves Hero Image

At a very young age, I felt different from most of the other children; I wasn't light and happy a lot of the time; I never felt content with the way things were operating on the planet. I often felt distressed by the mistreatment of animals, nature and other humans.

I was a serious child who often valued the truth over the sugar-coated story, probably sensing that this was the only ticket to freedom. In first grade, I informed my class that Santa wasn't real (to the dismay of my teacher), and when I was six years old, I piped up from the back seat of the car to my mother after a shopping trip that "we can't take all this stuff with us when we die."

Rather than trying to fit in or listen to the authority figures, I was already questioning things, couldn't stand rules, and had a fierce personality that would one day serve me when I learned how to use it for the betterment of the planet.

For most of my life, I struggled with emotional imbalances, experiencing anger and anxiety often, unaware of what was causing my turmoil and suffering. Most of these struggles manifested in my romantic relationships.

But the classroom of life is designed with lessons and assignments, all for the purpose of learning what we came here to learn; we are given all we need to overcome our obstacles and challenges, if we acknowledge the gifts we've been given to do so.


I've discovered that my biggest challenges have been my biggest opportunities for growth. Being a highly sensitive person in a world that is not, had its challenges but something I now acknowledge as one of the greatest gifts I've ever been given.

As a highly sensitive person, I've always been highly aware, feeling what is not being said, the energy in a room or a person and knowing very quickly and clearly what feels good and what does not.

Before I recognized that I was processing much more than average and had a high level of sensory perception, experiencing that which is mostly unseen to the visible eye, I wasn't harnessing my energy properly or using the gifts that being highly sensitive had given me.

Instead, I was leaking my energy in many different ways. The biggest way my clients (most of whom are highly sensitive) leak their energy is through giving too much and taking on other people's stuff — creating healthy boundaries and becoming conscious of how they would like to use their energy is a powerful transformational practice they begin to integrate.

A few years ago, everything changed. In a pocket of deep pain, I became willing to step onto my spiritual path and to start taking responsibility for how I felt rather than being a victim of everything I was experiencing both within and outside of me, recognizing I had a choice, beginning with my mind, my perceptions and attitude.

As I became aware of the thoughts I was thinking, of my energy, and how my internal space was affecting my external situations, I began to learn how powerful I am in creating my own life experience. The more I shifted from a fear-based way of seeing the world and my relationships, to loving perceptions, the stronger and more empowered I felt.

I began taking care of my mind, my body, my spirit and my emotions through clean eating and a daily spiritual practice, and I experienced radical changes in my life, harmonizing my relationships, healing physical and emotional imbalances, tapping into my passions and creative flow, and growing my business and my mission.

Life is a series of choices. When we begin to consciously make choices rather than live as victims of our own minds and outside circumstances, we begin to choose thoughts, intentions and actions that serve us, help us grow and foster healthy changes.

I've left a stressful job, relationships that were no longer serving me, a diet and lifestyle that was wreaking havoc on my health, and a set of fears and beliefs that were blocking me from my truth, my happiness and my full potential. We evolve through loss, and I've had to lose everything to gain what I've gained today.

Being sensitive and aware is a gift that helps us navigate our lives in a higher way, so that we're not sleepwalking through life, but rather allowing our higher levels of awareness to inspire us to step out of struggle and mediocrity and into a better way of being and living in the world. From this place of empowerment, we have the capacity to serve on a higher level, standing for something bigger than just ourselves, moving toward the causes that we care so deeply about, that tug at our heart, the parts of our community or our world that we feel called to and participating in making the world a better place.

We care so much and we feel so much because we are meant to do something about it. From from a place of love, calm, and inner strength, not from a place of anger, fear and attack. We are the ones we've been waiting for. First we learn to take care of ourselves and then we can step out and take care of the world. This is the truth for every human, sensitive or not.

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