A 3-Minute Total-Body Workout In Just 3 Moves

The benefits of exercise go far beyond the body and extend into every aspect of our lives — the psychological, spiritual, professional, personal. Exercise not only makes me feel body confident, but it makes confident in other areas of my life. Not to mention, it jump-starts my day and gives me extra motivation to get sh*t done! I don't know if I'd get anything accomplished without it.

Did you know studies reveal most people grossly underestimate how much they actually ENJOY exercising? Basically: When asked, people say they hate exercise. But then they exercise and are asked again, and after exercising — they say they love it! So focus on the high you are guaranteed to have afterward. Think of your daily workout as a daily deposit into your personal bank account of being healthy, happy, and hot. Make a small deposit every day. Over time, deposits add up!

On those days you just don't have a full-on workout within you, do these three moves that engage the whole body — core, glutes, legs, arms. Some might say three minutes of hell. Me? I'd say three minutes to Hello, hot stuff!

Forward Plank

Hold for one minute.

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Right Side Plank

Hold for one minute.

Left Side Plank

Hold for one minute.

Excerpted from The Everyday Supermodel by Molly Sims, HarperCollins 2015.

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