One Of The 19 Ingredients In McDonald's French Fries Is Also In Silly Putty

While most MindBodyGreen readers probably know that McDonald's is as far away from healthy eating as you can get, many others don't have the knowledge or the access to choose healthy, whole foods.

That's what makes the fast food chain's recent PR campaign — which employs a former MythBusters host as a "skeptic" — so sad and confusing. In an effort to convince consumers their products are "real," McDonald's actually highlights the fact that they are, most definitely, NOT.

In the most recent video, Grant Imahara explains that there are 19 ingredients in America's favorite fries, one of which is polydimethylsiloxane, the component of Silly Putty that makes it so silly. The Silly Putty ingredient has been making headlines, and it's an essential part of that distinctive McDonald's fries taste. Delicious!

No videos have surfaced of Grant Imahara crying himself to sleep on a bed of winning McDonald's Monopoly pieces, but the one below shows him explaining what each of the 19 ingredients is for. It turns out that hydrolyzed milk and natural beef flavor are what make them taste so darn good! And, for the record, that Silly Putty stuff (listed twice because it's used twice during the frying process) is an anti-foaming agent, and isn't as scary as it sounds, according to Grant.

What do you think? Is this one of the reasons Millennials don't go to McDonald's anymore?

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