6 Everyday Ways To Add More Adventure Into Your Life

Written by Jeff Rogers

Most of us have fallen victim to envying a friend's adventurous life online. The fun photos, cool locations and energetic statuses make many of us feel like we lead relatively uneventful lives. But we need to remind ourselves that what's posted online isn't always reality. In order to truly live more adventurously, we need to give 100% of our minds to whatever we're doing. That's not a possibility if our thoughts are somewhere else or we're only half present, with our other half of engrossed in the digital world and unnecessary comparisons.

Adventure doesn't mean being careless. Adventure means trying something new. Taking a chance. Being more outgoing. Living with more enthusiasm. Who wouldn't want that? To start living a more adventurous life, you don't need to run out and sign up for sky diving or quit your job and undertake a year-long trek around the world.

Adventure waits just outside your door — you just need to be more open to the idea of experiencing something new, to live with intention. These tips will help get you started on that path.

1. Go offline.

We've stopped living in the present, instead immersing ourselves in online living. A real adventure means being 100% there. Don't disrupt your new experience by injecting yourself into social media. Put your phone away. Be in the moment. Stop thinking about what filter you're going to use when you post a photo. Stop assuming everyone you're connected with on social media cares about what you're doing, and just care about yourself and the moment you're in.

2. Say yes.

We've all said "no" to something we later regretted not participating in. So why not remove the regret and just say "yes"? If fear or stagnation are holding you back, ignore them (within reason!). To become more adventurous, you need to be willing to give new opportunities a chance.

3. Surround yourself with adventurous people.

Some people just have it in their genes to be up for trying new things. Let their enthusiasm rub off on you. It'll help you develop a more carefree attitude and will be comforting to have someone there to help and encourage you along the way. Try joining a social or common-interest group to expose yourself to new people, or think about your existing friends — is there anyone whose photos and stories you've always been inspired by? Let them know you're down for trying new things and they might loop you in on their next adventure!

4. Shake up your routine.

Having a daily schedule can be beneficial in so many ways, but it can also get boring and is often the reason we find ourselves lost in thought ... or a rut. Changing something about your day will snap your mind into the present and help you become more aware of your surroundings so you can find the adventure in your day to day life. Try commuting to work via a different route one day and see what you can find!

5. Get outside.

Adventure doesn't mean trekking up mountains or sky diving. It can be doing something simple like taking a walk and getting fresh air. The outdoors can help reduce stress and make us happier, in turn freeing our minds to focus on the experience. There's no shame in beginning your journey close to home, just approach it with a new frame of mind and you're bound to discover something new.

6. Create something with your hands.

Everyone has creative thoughts, some of us just have them more readily available than others. A creative mind is having the ability to make an imaginative thought into something tangible. Opening up to your own creativity will open your mind to more creative living. In doing so, you'll find that being adventurous comes more naturally to you.

After reading this, I challenge you to think about one adventurous thing you can try today and do it!

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