Al Gore & Pharrell Want To Save Planet Earth Together

Former United States Vice President Al Gore and ubiquitous pop star Pharrell Williams are joining forces to stage a massive international concert intended to pressure international leaders to take action on climate change, according to Reuters.

Live Earth, a concert that will take place on June 18 across all seven continents, is a follow-up to the 2007 event of the same name, also spearheaded by Gore. With the United Nations meeting in December to address climate change (again), Live Earth is intended to build worldwide support for the most imminent threat to humanity's long-term survival.

Because 2014 was likely the warmest year ever recorded, and the effects of climate change are already affecting populations around the world, it's crucial that world leaders begin making meaningful policy changes to preserve the future of the only known habitable planet. Sadly, shortsightedness has, historically, won the day when it comes to climate change.

At the very least, it does appear that public opinion is beginning to turn in favor of action. Last September saw the largest collective demonstration on climate change ever, and it's becoming a regular topic of public discourse.

And, even if Live Earth fails to cap carbon emissions or increase availability of renewable energy, there should be some good music to come out of it!

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