8 Ways To Tap Into The Energy Of The New Moon In Aquarius

There's a new moon tonight in Aquarius — the sign of groups, humanitarians causes and technology. Whether you're connecting virtually or in real-time, this is a powerful opening for finding your tribe.

In 2015, there are actually TWO consecutive Aquarius new moons — an incredibly rare event. This first one happens to be a potent perigee moon, or "supermoon," meaning the moon is at its closest possible proximity to the earth. We should really feel this new moon's transformative fresh start!

Consider this first new moon to be "Part One of Two" because the seeds you plant today (Jan. 20) will get a second boost from the Feb. 18 Aquarius new moon, which will also kick off the Chinese Year of the Sheep.

Here are eight ways to tap into the energy of the Aquarius new moon:

1. Make new friends, nurture the old.

Aquarius rules the zodiac's eleventh house of group activity. At this new moon, we're encouraged to find like-minded people who can take our ideas, beliefs and dreams to the next level. Where in your life could you collaborate ... or just have more fun in the company of others?

Push yourself past your comfort zone and attend that mixer, workshop or book signing. Sure, you might have that awkward "first day in a new school" feeling for a while, but some of these strangers could become your favorite people, as well as helpful contacts, or inspiring members of a mastermind group.

2. Get communal.

No person is an island, and the Aquarius new moon reminds us of our need to share our energy with others in healthy ways — beyond the cubicle or the local coffee shop. Innovative Aquarius can inspire us to seek out new ways of sharing our days with like-minded people, in atmospheres that nurture our creativity and individuality.

This New York Times article on "Why We Hate Work" sheds light on the creativity-killing perils of the modern workplace. Luckily, some companies are slowly starting to make changes — and we're seeing these shifts reflected in rising numbers of awesome co-working spaces. If you're feeling isolated after-hours, get inspired by these stories of families and friends who bought real estate together — hello, shared childcare and built-in pet sitting!

3. Give back.

Social justice is the sweet spot for freedom-fighter Aquarius. Is there a charitable cause you'd like to donate to, even if it's just a few dollars? Could you add some volunteer work to your week (or month)? Valentine's Day is coming up and for so many people, it's a painful or annoying reminder of the conventional "love" that nobody can really live up to anymore.

But instead of cowering from Cupid, why not plan a feel-good benefit organized around your love for humanity? Make use of the inner-circle vibes of Aquarius and put the word out to friends. In no time, you could have a DJ, mixologist and event space — plus a bunch of like-minded people gathering for a bigger cause than just roses and chocolates.

4. Do something surprising.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus — the planet of sudden events, breakthroughs and radical change. Yeah, we've all heard sayings like "one step at a time" or "progress, not perfection." But sometimes, cold turkey is the way to go. A little shock therapy can be good for us. At the Aquarius new moon, a swift channel change could be in order. Sick of something? Cut it off! Make a clean break and see what you discover in that space of charged-up molecules. That doesn't mean you can't return to this person or situation later — but you'll do so in a revolutionized way.

5. Dance across the digital divide.

Let's not forget the importance of online communities either. Being skilled in the digital arts is becoming more of a necessity than an option in today's workplace. The Aquarius new moon encourages us to geekify and sharpen our knowledge of software, social media, and the superpowers that a web-based business can provide.

Perhaps it's time to crack open that tutorial and learn the finer points of Wordpress or the basics of blogging. Or, maybe you research ways to increase your Twitter followers and Facebook fans in the name of abundance. Is an e-commerce site, Etsy or eBay store a viable way to increase your income? These are areas worth exploring now.

6. Try a team sport.

There's nothing more seductive than someone who is fully present, in the moment and comfortable in their own skin, right? But with our increasingly computer-based society, we can wind up feeling like giant brains, totally detached from those appendages below our necks— except our hands, needed for furiously typing, of course.

How do we regain our connection to our "soul's address here on Earth?" Interestingly enough, Aquarius is the sign that rules technology, but it's also a highly active and athletic sign. Team sports and group exercise fall into the Water Bearer's domain, another prompt to join forces with friends to achieve a goal. If you're the athletic type, you might join an indoor soccer or volleyball league to pass the cold days; or find out about group rates at the local kickboxing gym and meet friends for tri-weekly workouts. How about starting a walking group, gathering a group together for a brisk evening walk on a regular basis? It's a great excuse to socialize and commune (Aquarius loves this) while getting the energy flowing from "tip to tail."

The humanitarian energy of Aquarius adores a good cause. How about rallying coworkers for a charity 5K and raising money to make a difference en masse? Don't forget those go-go-gadgets either. This new moon encourages us to use technology to forward our fitness goals. Download an app, pick up a pedometer, or treat yourself to a pair of high-tech cross-trainers to up your performance level and speed.

7. Catch up on tech innovations.

The latest buzzword being bandied about is the "Internet of things" (IOT, for short). It's no longer just about smartphones, FitBits and smart houses. The Aquarius new moon is a good time to check out the smart-everything that's coming out in 2015. Get ready for (non-ugly) smart watches, smart jewelry and smart sneakers with bluetooth-enabled GPS soles.

8. Activate your activism.

Picket lines and picket signs? At the Aquarius new moon, ponder your role in society, where you fit into a group, or what difference you'd like to make this year. This is a great time to rally the troops around a cause using social media, through a gathering or by planning an awareness-raising event (teach-in or dialogue group, anyone?).

With all the chaos in the world, we need people to speak out for peace and unity more than ever. And, we need to speak to EACH OTHER, too. Here's hoping, for example, that citizens and police offers find a new way to communicate and work together at the Aquarius new moon.

It may sound unrealistic, but as Nelson Mandela once said, "It always seems impossible until it's done." And since Aquarius is the visionary sign of the future, this new moon is a great time to stretch our imaginations far beyond the familiar.

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