Pizza Hut Adds Gluten-Free Pizza To Its Menu

Written by Emi Boscamp

To all the gluten-free, pizza-loving people: You can now take shelter under a pretty famous red roof.

Today, Pizza Hut announced that, beginning January 26, it will be rolling out (pun intended) gluten-free pizza dough. According to USA Today, the chain will sell the gluten-free pizzas at approximately 2,400 of its 6,300 locations nationwide. The 10-inch pizzas start at $9.99.

The chain is partnering with Udi's Gluten Free Foods to ensure the pizzas will be entirely gluten-free — unlike Domino's version, which was introduced about two years ago. This means that everything — not just the crust, but the sauce and pepperoni, too — will be kept in a "designated Gluten-Free Kit inside each restaurant," the company said in its press release. Employees that handle the pizza must wear gloves, bake it on parchment paper, and use a designated gluten-free pizza cutter.

Pizza Hut also worked with the Gluten Intolerance Group to train employees in handling ingredients and preparing the pizzas.

Still, the chain is erring on the side of caution: "Because Pizza Hut kitchens are not gluten-free environments, customers should consult their medical adviser as to what is safe for them."

While the new pie can't necessarily be considered a healthy choice just because it's gluten-free, it is less caloric than it's gluten-heavy counterpart. One slice is roughly 150 calories — about 100 calories less than the brand's "Skinny Slice" pizza.

We're glad Pizza Hut is responding to the needs of the gluten-free and celiac communities, as everyone should be able to enjoy a simple slice of pizza — no matter a person's dietary choice. But I still wouldn't suggest downing a whole pie just because it doesn't have gluten; it still has plenty of other questionable ingredients.

What do you think of Pizza Hut's newest menu addition?

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