5 Actionable Steps To Set Yourself Up For Success

You only get one life. Do you often find yourself wishing you were living a different one? Well, then you probably should make it happen. Especially when it comes to the very personal question of success.

I know this well because I was stuck for quite some time when first starting my business. I knew I wanted to reach more women, make more money and still do what I loved most. But I felt like I had no clue how to get there.

The first thing I discovered on my journey was that there is a profound difference between wishing for success and actually being able to receive it. What's not so obvious is this: you are not ready to receive success if you don't believe in your heart that you not only deserve it, but that you can have it.

Once I was on the road to feeling my personal definition of success, people asked me about my secret. While there is no magic formula for success because everyone's definition of success is personal, there are a few steps that can work for anyone.

But whenever I have achieved a new level of success like doubling my income or manifesting love, I did put some kind of system in place to achieve "results." I want to share five essential steps with you, so that you can immediately change your personal rules of success (especially if your current ones aren't serving you):

1. Set a really big intention.

Make a decision that you will achieve something in your life, through hard work and dedication, that is nonetheless way beyond what you think you can have.

I have trouble with the idea of "making a wish," because wishing something is just hoping that it will happen. An intention is completely different. It is a decision. You are deciding to make a commitment to bring something you want into your life.

It may sound too formal, but the most important element of setting an intention is actually setting a date. For example, "I intend to earn $30,000 by March 31." Of course, if you don't fully achieve your intention by said date, it's not an invitation to beat yourself up. But we humans do well with structure, and a time-sensitive intention will lead to better results, trust me.

2. Shift your focal point.

We use the word "perspective" metaphorically a lot. But really it refers to how we are seeing things. In order to see something different, to change your perspective, you need to ask different questions. I do this by investing in myself and in mentors who help me change my level of awareness so that I can keep on growing and succeeding. But there are a few questions that you can ask yourself to get you started:

  1. What am I tolerating?
  2. What is causing my life to be more difficult than it should be?
  3. What decision do I need to make in the next 24 hours to get a different result?

3. Change your beliefs.

This is easier you think. Whenever you have the desire for something, your ability to manifest it is actually there for you already: if you are not getting what you want, it's because your beliefs are not allowing you to see it.

This is really obvious with money, and something I learned from personal experience. My mentor once told me that money comes in the form of opportunity, and we see opportunities based on our belief system.

Changing your beliefs is a simple, two-step process. Say you want to change your beliefs around money. First, you must identify your beliefs around money. How do you relate to it? Is it easy or hard for you to make money? Do you easily spend money on yourself or do you struggle?

The second step is to make the decision to act on a new, more empowering belief. For example, only treat yourself to the best for a day and see how it makes you feel. You will probably feel a lot more successful and therefore attract the success you are looking for. Attracting success, of course, involves taking concrete action steps to make change. But the most crucial step really does start in your head.

4. Act the part.

Become the person you would need to be to manifest your big intention. Whenever you want to have a breakthrough, you first need to step away from the old you that is holding you back.

Ask yourself: Is who I am today the person that I need to be to accomplish this? If you are not, what qualities do you need to cultivate? How do you need to grow to receive your dream? You may need to be more authentic to attract the people that need your gifts, you may need to be vulnerable to be able receive love and deep meaningful friendships.

The secret is that you need to become that person now, not tomorrow. Life is not about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself.

5. Take a risk you don't think you should.

Think of the biggest risk you need to take in order to make your success happen. Go outside the box, use your imagination — do this until you feel like it's "unrealistic."

Do you want to earn more money? Your risk might be asking for advice or support from friends or people in your network who work in a field you're interested in. A single conversation can radically change your mindset about something, or help you make an unexpected connection.

Do you want to manifest love? Your risk might be working on yourself through therapy or coaching to release old patterns that are holding you back.

Do you want to live your highest purpose? Your risk might be to actually commit to a plan of action so that you make it happen this year.

In other words, is there something in your life that you want but still don't have it? The only reason is because you haven't truly decided to be successful at it.

If you need help identifying the barriers so that you can immediately shift your beliefs about success, I'd love to talk to you. You can set up a complimentary clarity session with me. Let's make it happen!

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