How To Keep Love Alive, Even When Life Gets Crazy Busy

Going into business for myself was the best decision I ever made, but romance and alone time with my husband have become hard to create now that we're both so busy. When we don't make time for each other, the rest of our lives suffer. We've had to find some quick and dirty ways to spend quality time together, to keep the romantic fires going. Consider these four "dates" post-modern alternatives to the classic "dinner and a move" when you and your significant other are struggling to find conventional time for each other.

1. Bath time

When my daughter was in preschool, the first thing we'd do when she came home was jump in the bath together. I was usually so busy that I didn't make time for myself to take a shower, so getting her in the tub became the best chance for me also. What started as a practical solution wound up being fun mommy/daughter time.

Now that she's older and her schedule has changed, this doesn't work so well, but one day I invited my husband to take baths with me instead. It's still a practical solution to getting a daily bath but now we get quality wife/husband time also.

2. Fitness dates

My husband is a former professional athlete and fitness is a big part of both of our lives, so it's great to have workout time together. When we get the chance to go to the gym together, we'll turn it into a friendly competition. It's playful, makes us laugh, keeps the energy fun and brings us closer.

If you and your significant other have different workout regimens, maybe suggest switching it up a bit and sign up for a yoga class together or try out something totally new to both of you. Even if you don't love the workout, it's a different experience for both of you and will probably make for a great story.

3. Running errands

It sounds stupid and potentially boring, but we're busy people! Sometimes you just have to find ways to be alone together, even if it's at the grocery store. If you wind up making out in the parking lot instead of actually going in to buy food, that's OK. Sometimes doing trivial things together leads to your best laughs, especially when it's an activity you don't really have to think about because you'll have extra brain power to put towards your partner.

4. Classic nooner

Don't laugh! A little lunch-hour orgasm is great for your afternoon metabolism, provides a kick of endorphins and a happier, more relaxed you. Sure, maybe it'll be a little harder to concentrate for the rest of the day with the memory of your lunchtime tryst on your mind, but really, who cares. The work will get done.

When you live a busy and hectic life, it's easy to get caught up and forget you even have a significant other. But they're significant for a reason — because you love them and your life is fuller with them in it. Remind them (and yourself) that they're special and not taken for granted. Don't forget to find ways to spend a little time every day with them and remember how important you are to each other, no matter how nutty life can get. It'll make all the difference in your relationship.

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