3 Tips to Slow Down & Savor Thanksgiving

Before you run out the door today (or tomorrow) and get sucked into the madness known as the Thanksgiving rush, I’d like to challenge you this holiday season:

1. Leave the cell phone behind for Thanksgiving dinner - Thanksgiving is one of the few holidays where the family is together, or at least that’s the way it’s supposed to be. For this special moment, consider not bringing your cell phone to Thanksgiving dinner, or at least not bringing it to the dinner table. The science shows we are becoming physiologically addicted to the buzz of an IM or email comin’ through on the cell. Break the addiction now before it’s too late. Overcome the impulse to constantly look at your gadget and instead spend that time and energy with the people you love most.

2. Ask an “older person” during Thanksgiving festivities what it was like before they had cell phones - I say this only half-jokingly. But I remember in college, we didn’t have cell phones or even email addresses. I often wonder, how the heck did we get in touch with anyone? Life was less convenient way back in the early 90's…but there was a lot more time to converse, relax, live in the moment.

3. Savor - In many countries, people eat slow and savor the time spent together. The studies show that the average meal in America is 11 minutes long – with some breakfasts and lunches lasting barely 2 minutes. If you are halfway normal, you, like me, pig out and pass out on Thanksgiving. Here’s a challenge I pose to myself and you…eat slow and savor the food. More than anything, slowing down is a great life lesson. Carlo Petrini, founder of the Slow Food movement, said, “Some things in life which are crucial to our maturity, cannot be sped up, and are only possible if they occur slowly.”

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