A 2-Minute, Equipment-Free Workout You Can Do In Your Kitchen

Written by Lizzy Williamson

You've probably heard or read about how a short amount of exercise done at a high intensity is a super-effective way to get results. Perfect for those of us who are living busy lives, right? Getting a few minutes of exercise every day seems like something that's totally doable. The thing is, so many of us still aren't doing it.

Many of us look at exercise as something we know we are supposed to be blocking out time to do, but it often gets shuffled to the bottom of our priorities list after work deadlines, kids' activities, housework.

What I discovered when my kids were little and I couldn't head out for hourlong runs anymore was that I could exercise a few minutes at a time throughout the day around the house. I'd use my kitchen counter as a ballet barre, lunge and squat when I was sweeping, jump and jog on the spot when I was stressed. It became a habit that resulted in losing baby weight and getting strong and fit without even having to leave the house.

Here is my two minute kitchen counter workout so you too can discover how easy it is to make movement throughout your day a habit and leave you feeling energized. And what happens when we feel good and energized? We're less stressed, more confident, make better food choices and value ourselves enough to take the time to move even more. A win-win!

For this workout, you'll a sturdy table, counter or something similar at about waist height.

Kitchen Workout for MBG from Lizzy Williamson on Vimeo.

Photo courtesy of the author

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