11 Reasons To Try The Ancient Practice Of Color Therapy

Chromotherapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine that explores the effect color can have on our moods, emotions and overall state of mind.

Our color preferences can tell us so much about our deepest thoughts, feelings and personality. As Carl Jung once stated, "Color is the key to subconscious." We also communicate our outward messages, feelings and thoughts to others with our choice of color — in our clothing and interior design of our homes.

Color can unveil our beauty, talents and strengths by balancing our energies and sharpening our minds. Color opens us up to our inner world, which can help steer us to a life filled with love, happiness and grace. Color helps us understand who we truly are, the talents and abilities we have deep inside of us, and the power we have to overcome life's challenges.

Color also helps us to release our negative emotions — resentment, fear, anger, frustration, self-pity, depression and the past — encouraging us to take back our power and acknowledge our wisdom.

This is why the healing power of color and yoga create a brilliant mix.

The combination of color energies and yoga can further enhance the awareness of body and soul. As yoga works the body and challenges the mind, color helps to stimulate the energy.

Color and yoga can relate to the chakras, but is not limited to the colors of the seven chakras alone.

But much like chakra healing, yoga color therapy can help to target a wide range of emotions, thoughts and different parts of the body, to heighten awareness and focus in a soothing, yet uplifting way.

Some of benefits of using color therapy in yoga are:

Color makes our daily yoga practice more fun and rewarding. The ancient art of chromotherapy has long been known to enhance focus while calming the mind and centering the body.

When colorful, subdued atmosphere is synchronized with asana, everything feels more connected to help deepen your mind-body connection.

Next time you are in a yoga class, take a moment to connect with your favorite color and breathe it in. Connect with what that color brings up for you during your yoga practice.

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